About Crystal Skulls

Rose Quartz skull

What is the earliest story of crystal skull’s healing help?

Believers point to Mayan creation myths that reference crystal skulls and a story that 13 crystal skulls were scattered by the Mayans thousands of years ago to be discovered and reunited in modern times. You can find more information reading a Crystal skull book or the internet.

What experiences have I heard of?

I feel that maybe I will just share my experiences to date.

Like many people I was afraid to have one as I thought I was going to have the bad energy of Voodoo or pirates energy come at me. I decided to let go superstition and enjoy them.

The crystal itself has healing assistance through its colour and structure. Each crystal type enhancing your energies as you break out of old patterns and energies. I happily can have it beside me as I work and I feel its assistance like any other crystal. My own skull is a blue aventurine which I purely enjoy at this stage as a lovely carved statue.

When I look into the eyes of skulls, my mind does go “strangely quiet” and I feel I am about to enter a trance state. I have never done it but have had several customers who have done deep trancing with them.

I had a customer new to crystals who I intuited a skull that needed to go home with her. She trusted me and bought it. A week later she was back to say it had “talked to her” and explained it was her friend and had gone onto give accurate insights and helpful guidance.

I have intuited for several people that to get started with a crystal skull and slowly overcome bad energy superstition is to use them as a regular crystal ball. People have then experienced visions of the past and present and occasionally the future.

Some customers have a deep connection to them feeling the skulls do have a consciousness and thus are friends. They enjoy a friendship with over a dozen of them collected from many shops around the world.

So should I buy a skull?

On a simple level, everyone who wants to try one can connect to the following idea. That each time they see and hold their skull they are reminded that the way to build towards a happier, more prosperous life, requires one’s mind (inside our skull) to change and raise its consciousness.

And on some level I feel connected to skulls and that I have worked with them in the distant past. I believe I have linked to two ancient skulls still buried at scared locations. If you have a similar sense of a past link then it is likely the skulls have called you again.

When I finally give myself permission to really experience them by overcoming fear of what may be revealed … well that will be interesting. Hopefully you are quicker to enjoy them than I am 🙂

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