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My experiences about crystals and stories from customers .. often real life and not just from a crystal book,

Beginners Guide to Cleansing Crystals

Beginners Guide to Cleansing Crystals is about getting started with energetic clearing. I will soon [...]

How to Widen / Lessen the Adjustable Necklaces

Most of the double terminated “straight” pendants have an option to buy those with an [...]

Closing Down – Why and What Next

Hi there, I’m Shamarah and I am the owner of The Rock Crystal Shop along [...]

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Crystal Experiences with Shamarah

Crystal Experiences is my new mission to connect humanity more deeply to crystals, another amazing [...]

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Crows Nest Shop Now Closed

After ten years, we closed our final retail brick and mortar shop – last day [...]

Crystals For Meditating, Guidance and Inspiration

This article is a starting point for what crystal suits a person wanting to start [...]

Experiences with Hematite

The intention of the experience pages is to give my real life interactions with the [...]

Carborundum – It is not Rainbow Hematite

A Carborundum crystal cluster is a manmade crystal combining silicon and carbon atoms fused together [...]

Sourcing and Treatments of Crystals

Sourcing: We buy from around the world directly or via local suppliers. We give our [...]