Change and You

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Where do I start with bringing change to my life?

“People often avoid making decisions out of fear of making a mistake. Actually, the failure to make decisions is one of life’s biggest mistakes.”

Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Because of COVID-19 throwing new opportunities for change in our lives due to job losses, business shut down and so on, this seemed good to re-post this article.

Step 1:

Where you start on any change within you is to first awaken to what is happening to you and become aware if change is needed.

So congratulations! You’re reading of this website page shows you have taken this first step. You are already ahead of most people in bringing your life to the place you feel it should be.

Step 2:

You need to explore your options. What feels right for you? What do you sense is right but you may be resisting?

If its been a while since you actively invested your time and money in improving yourself and thus your life, resistance may exist.

For those of you who sense resistance such as What if I don’t like it? Can I afford it? What will people think? then …. be accepting of it. But you need to make a decision. Are you going to allow fears stop you from having happiness and calm (or are you going to gently push them aside and come any way.

Step 3:

Moving forward is a commitment to yourself that you will invest in yourself to make a difference. Make the call, organise the meeting, book the course … get into action.

You invest in a bank, in property, in your family for a better future … what about you? You are your greatest asset.

Think of a time you overcame a fear – it felt great didn’t it? Coming to a course because you are curious about it’s content, will feel wonderful, won’t it?
And if you feel it will help check you have an additional support structure to help you when you wobble! Bring a friend!

Step 4:

And be honest with yourself.

Are you really just wanting a “quick fix” to today’s problems or create a longer term change within you and your life.

If you understand and accept clearly what you are hoping to achieve you will be clearer in stating your requirements from those who offer help.

And for the fundamental changes you want to bring about, you’ll prepare yourself for the financial, emotional, time & personal effort that the change will need.

Running my life from my head and always on empty heart was not living so I chose to make fundamental change in my life.

“Quick fixes” were just that – temporary. But they played their part in making me realise ongoing change could only happen from within. No-one could “save” me. Once I committed to myself to true change, my journey has involved a beautiful variety of people to assist me and ways of learning, growing and experiencing life. I have become blessed with a wonderful set of new friends, as well as, old friends relieved to see a happy me again.

And the ways of learning and growing my consciousness in who I want to be have been full of interesting, fun and yes even challenging experiences. So from the starting point of meditation through healings, courses, weekly retreats to plenty of quiet time within – its all helped me now days run my life from a happier, fuller heart with a quieter, inspiring mind. Me becoming free to be me.

Update 2020:

I have now done two card readings in May that both messaged that it’s time for me to shift once again. And believe me, I have done plenty of changing “me” over the years since the big change discussed above.

While we stayed open normal hours during Covid-19, I have not had the downtime to see how I need to shift. Just look at the amount of group consciousness shock and call for change that has, and is, occurring in the community and even world wide (China and USA riots). So now that the website is in place I am being asked to once again myself but from a new deeper level so new potentials can come.

And yes, once again it is scary to face change.

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