Bracelets – Everything About Buying, Wearing

crystal bead bracelets in extra large wrist size.

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If you don’t want to watch the video, here is it transcribed:


Hello and welcome to Crystal-Experiences – a channel designed to help you enjoy more meaningful connections to the world of Mother Nature’s crystals.

This video has been created so that you can more effectively use your crystal bracelets than you may have already discovered. It discusses the ways they can better help you through your day and boost your development. By this I mean your personal and spiritual development including building confidence in your intuitive senses.

You may already have experienced a particular bracelet whose energy from reading a book or holding it in your hand matched exactly what you needed. But somehow, it felt “wrong” when you were wearing it. This video hopes to help you understand why.

And if you are new to wearing crystal bracelets – how to avoid the beginner mistakes.

Let’s begin by thinking about why you may want to use crystals in your life.

  • Do you want more emotional stability when things are tough?
  • Do you want to stop the pattern of getting angry at, or withdrawing from those people who trigger you?
  • Do you want to help your mind stop the panic, the worry and reduce your distress?
  • Do you want to reflect on a difficult situation that has just occurred without going into self-doubt? To instead see the problem in a way that helps grow your consciousness.

These are some of the many reasons people around the world have bought crystal bracelets to aid themselves each day in their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

It’s great to find inner calm and insights when you sit at home, but don’t the real challenges come:

  • When you are at work?
  • When you go to visit the relatives?
  • When late at night when you are trying to go to sleep?

This is where crystal bracelets become your best friends.

  • They are easy to have with you all day or all night
  • most are inexpensive to buy,
  • and they look great too!

Another one of the other hopes I have, as you watch this video, is how to develop your intuitive skills by practicing how to select the best bracelets for the day ahead.

And sensing how to wear them so they can maximum their energetic help to you.

This video has been created from personal and customer experiences of what went well and what went wrong with wearing crystal bracelets.

My name is Shamarah, I have been selling crystals for over 18 years, where I have shared stories and insights with hundreds of customers at markets and our shops.

There are two parts to this video:

A short discussion on the

  • physical issues with wearing bracelets, and
  • a longer discussion on the energetic issues with wearing them.

I will not be covering the following two topics except through examples:

  • I will not be telling you how to select the right crystal bracelet for say “problem X” except in general terms.
    • Why not? This video is already very long, and every type of crystal is worthy of its own video.
    • I do have a separate video on this Channel about the right ways to select crystals.
  • The other topic I won’t be cover is how to determine if you are buying Real, Treated or Fake Bracelets. I will or have created a video series about this very involved topic.

Physical Considerations When Buying and Wearing Bracelets

Now, l let’s begin with the physical issues with wearing crystal bracelets that many customers were surprised to discover. These include:

Are the bracelets too tight around your wrist? Be aware that they could be cutting into your lymphatic or blood circulation. And they may irritate your skin– causing you to take them off and then you have lost their healing help. Over time the elastic will also become frail, so it breaks quicker due to the continuous strain of the stretch.

If it is too small, consider:

  • Gifting it to someone else and buy the next size up for you, or
  • Buying bracelet extenders which I have these on my website, but you can find them at a bead shop.
  • Next caution is to beware of wearing a bracelet that is too loose.
  • It increases the chance of losing the bracelet when you are out and about.

Solutions are to:

  • Remove the extra beads – I have a video for a possible quick way to do this if it is elastic, or
  • Use a smaller compatible bracelet to hold the larger one in place.

The three most reported physical issues in wearing them are:

  • Firstly, wearing them even though the bracelet’s elastic has started to fray or loosen. So, at the end of the day the bracelet has probably broken and you have lost the beads.
  • And secondly, wearing them during physical exercise where there are arm movements such as:
    • A sudden up / down motion or start / stop motion.
    • Such as when you are playing tennis or jogging.
    • It puts too much strain on the elastic due to inertia.
    • The solutions are to put the bracelet in your pocket for the duration of the workout. Or find the rarer form of beading which is done with wire or string. However, for most people it is difficult to latch the hook and eye by yourself.
  • The third and least expected problem is when someone is Wearing a bracelet where it will come in contact with chemicals.
    • The typical situations are:
      • liquids like bleach and soap detergents.
      • perfume, moisturizer, and sun block.
    • These interact with the bracelet and:
      • Can shorten the life of the elastic or wire.
      • Can affect the beads themselves causing cloudiness, tarnishing or colour changes.
      • They can also weaken the bead, so be extra careful with soft crystals such as calcite, real turquoise, and selenite.
    • Ideally, ensure your skin has fully dried from the liquids on your skin before popping on the bracelet.
    • And remember – if the day is very humid or you’re going to sweat a lot, it will reactivate the chemicals. On those days consider putting the bracelet in your pocket instead.

So, here’s a tip: why not buy spare elastic to repair your bracelets when needed before you lose the beads!

  • And finally, the last physical issue that led to some unhappy shop visitors when they asked us to check for authenticity of those bracelets they bought elsewhere was:
  • Discovering that what they thought were Mother Nature’s crystals were instead:
    • at best – real crystals but colour-treated,
    • or less good – real crystals sold as expensive crystals but were in fact cheap look-a-likes,
    • or in the worst case – they were man-made glass and resins.
  • So, ask this question to the seller to TRY and avoid this problem:
  • “Are these real crystals mined from the earth in these colours? Are you sure this is their real name?”
  • In the past most sellers would then become honest about the crystal. I am less certain post Covid-19 and the boom in cheap “buy direct suppliers”. Even I got caught buying fakes despite asking the question of my suppliers. Some don’t know and many don’t care.

Energetic Considerations – Buying and Wearing Bracelets

Let’s move now onto the energetic considerations of wearing crystals bracelets.

While I mainly use the term “using your intuition”, “Guidance” or “sensing the energy”, I mean any intuitive sense that you may have already active to receive helpful and accurate insights about the bracelet. These include:

  • gut feel,
  • the body’s innate consciousness,
  • clairvoyance (you see images),
  • clairsentience (you feel energy),
  • clairaudience (you can hear information)
  • and so on.

The main areas of enjoying your crystal bracelet’s energy effectively that I will be discussing are:

  • Are you cleansing and recharging them sufficiently?
  • What are the non-physical pitfalls of shopping for bracelets?
  • Are you’re wearing them in the right position?
  • Are you’re wearing them at the right time?
  • Are you are wearing too many all at once?

I have some other tips too as we go along too.

Let’s now start looking into these considerations in more detail.

Cleansing and Recharging

It should not be a surprise that we need to talk about cleansing and recharging bracelets – and the mistakes that not only beginners make. So many crystal lovers are aware that a monthly cleanse of crystals is often a good, regular routine to have.

This is works well for crystals that sit on tables and shelves.

However, your bracelet is being worn all day. It doesn’t get a break from you. And a lot may happen to you through the day from situations that trigger mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulties in you, and, in others around you. And the crystal bracelet you are wearing is busy absorbing and working to counteract the energies that are closing your energy field in some way.

You may have heard someone say, “the bracelet is tired”. It’s a cute way to see them as helpers and it means they need a cleanse and recharge just like you do after a busy day.

Have you noticed that your bracelet worked well yesterday but not today … and yet the environment was the same. This is a sign that the bracelet is tired.

My recommendation is if you are not able to sense exactly when a bracelet needs a cleansing, do it every day.

And my Guidance has always suggested to people in my shops to take the lazy route and buy an amethyst cluster. Then as you undress, you can pop the bracelets straight onto the amethyst points which work well at breaking up stale or blocked energy.

Ask that the bracelets be cleansed and re-charged. And while crystal intuits says that Citrine and Kyanite self-clean, why not let them play on the amethyst cluster too!

I have created other videos about cleansing crystals, including the help of amethyst cluster, so watch them if you want to learn more.

The other benefit of using an amethyst cluster in the bedroom, is that you see the bracelets on it in the morning as you dress, which reminds you to check in and intuit which bracelets to wear for the upcoming day.

Enhancing The Crystal Bracelet’s Help

And did you know that there is a way to boost the crystal bracelet’s help, by intentionally asking for their positive assistance for you through the day?

A generic positive affirmation is to say something like

  • “Please help me in the best way possible today.”

Or you can look up what it does, and sense which part of that information seem relevant. For example, you could say to your Agate bracelet.

  • “Please help me have the courage to ask for the promotion today.”

Now you have given the crystal a clear intention and much to my surprise this simple programming does work!

Buying Bracelets – What Can Happen and Why

Now let’s talk about shopping for crystal bracelets for energetic assistance and the pitfalls. Also, know that some of what I discuss will also help you understand why you are being guided to swap between bracelets on different days.

To begin:

When you are buying a bracelet, are you picking one because:

  • That is what social media, a blog post, or a book said to get?
  • Is because it’s the one what your friend wears and now you want the same?

Be careful. It may not be the one for you:

  • Even if you like the look of it.
  • Even if the information about it seems to match what you need.

You may end up being disappointed with the energetic experience.

For any bracelet, you also need to intuit if it is the right one for you. Or if you lack confidence, ask someone you trust to do this. This can also help you double check your skills at receiving information for yourself.

From personal and customer experiences, I saw how a person’s natural energy type was linked to what crystals that they needed to wear.

Opaque stones like Howlite matched the Earthy, practical people. Transparent stones like Aquamarine matched the Airy, creative people.

Your main Astrological Star sign is often a good indicator of your natural energy in general terms.

For example, if you are an Earth type, then you probably will find wearing a crystal that is good for Water signs is ineffective for you, and it may even drain your energy.

Authors of crystal books like Judy Hall and others, often list which crystals match better to which Star Signs. And so, they are good “rules of thumb” to follow until your own intuition can guide you. When I intuited for customers, there was often a match to their Star Sign which helped me understand that what the Authors had written about was real.

And at the same time validated that I was receiving in my messages from Guidance was correct or not. Over time I was able to see that I was better at receiving the right messages as the validation matched more often!

As you walk further down your path of your development, the link to the star sign does weaken. You have moved beyond the beginner’s lessons and I give an example of this in my video “Wearing Crystal Pendants Effectively.”.

With the above in mind, if you and your friend are wanting a crystal bracelet for the same change in:

  • dealing with a problem, or
  • attracting something into your lives, or
  • personal growth,

each of you may be guided to different bracelets because of your different natural energy.

Even more importantly, while you are both are wanting the same help, each of you has a different set of emotional stories and beliefs blocking you. And so again you will need different crystal bracelets.

As an example: Maybe you both wanting to attract enough money to meet your needs and more.

Your particular current “block” could be:

  • around beliefs you hold about your self-identity, who you are as a person, that you are not good enough to create a business that people will buy from.
  • It is likely that your solar plexus is weak, and you may be guided to a yellow-coloured bracelet like golden quartz, citrine, or yellow calcite.

For your friend, their current block could come from:

  • believing they should not dream of, nor express their desire for creating a successful business.
  • It is likely their throat area is restricted and hence a blue-coloured bracelet like angelite, blue aventurine or apatite will aid them.

For these reasons you can see that if social media says “you need yellow Citrine for Wealth” … that this crystal may not be the right one to help you.

  • And as Virgo, yellow citrine was not a good match for me.

Feeling The Need To Bulk Buy Bracelets

Another interesting dynamic I witnessed for many customers, was that they seemed to want to buy 10 bracelets in the one shopping adventure! And this could happen to you too.

There were 5 typical reasons that this could occur:

  1. Firstly – They were new to buying crystals and were in what I would call the “crystal-buying addiction” mode!
    • They wanted every crystal – they were all so beautiful!
    • And they wanted to fix everything in their life – now!
  1. The next reason could be that the customer was in, or about to go into, a period of fast change over the next couple of months.
    • The large number of bracelets was to help with this change by always having the necessary crystals already available to wear.
  1. The third reason could be that your Guidance is suggesting options for you.
    • For example, “We want you to know that you can choose either prehnite or peridot to help you – both a good match. Which did you like better?”
  1. The fourth typical reason could be that some of the bracelets were meant for a friend or family member.
    • I will talk more about this in a minute.
  1. And the final reason would occur when the customer said, “but I already have this bracelet why do I need it again?”.
    • 75% of the time this was a sign from Guidance that they needed to wear the bracelet they owned … NOW.
    • Or their bracelet at home was too energetically dirty to wear and was needing cleansing … NOW.

So being guided to the same bracelet had been the only way their Guidance had been able to get this message through to them.

    • However, 25% of the time they DID need to buy the same bracelet again and this often happens with onyx, obsidian and tourmaline bracelets.

The recommendation by Guidance will be linked to the following:

      • Do you work OR live in a difficult environment?

Imagine you work at a hospital or therapist’s office:

      • You have a lot of people coming in – radiating pain, fear, stress, and shock.
      • This is an awful lot of difficult energy being projected into your energy field.
      • And if you are not coping well, it will trigger your own negative emotions and thoughts.
      • Therefore, Guidance knows that one bracelet being worn the whole shift is not enough support for you.
      • They are recommending that you have two or three bracelets on hand:
      • One for the first half of your shift and another for the second half.
      • Or as you prefer the 6mm sized bead bracelet and not the 10mm bead size, the total amount of crystal energy available to you is too weak to absorb all the negativity, so you need multiple bracelets.
      • Or because it was going to take the bracelet a long time to be cleansed and recharged properly. It will work better for you if you wear one bracelet one day then as it sits in the sun all the next day for a deep cleanse, you wear the other one.

How do you sort this out?

Add the following words, to separate the pile of bracelets into who they are for:

  • Ask: “Do I need this bracelet to wear MYSELF?”

My Demonstration

Here is a demonstration of how I receive answers to this question using my Heart energy.

For those bracelets that went in the “to buy for someone else” pile, there will be two possibilities for why this happened:

Firstly, often it would match to the customer’s thinking during the week about how they needed to buy someone a gift. And then they forgot this. Yet here they were, in the shop, being guided to the perfect suggestion.

They would always be delighted that their Guidance had heard them and shown them what to buy. And as most bracelets are inexpensive and practical they are an ideal gift to give.

The second possibility was because the friend had put out a call for help. For example, maybe they asked to have more courage to face a difficult situation, but then not remembered to listen for the answer or to look for a sign.

So, their Guidance sent the “call” to their more intuitive friend, my customer, to buy an agate bracelet for the friend.

These experiences led to many moments of amazement for the Customer and me, about how the Universe’s will show its loving support for us all!

It was especially delightful when their friend came to the shop a week later to ask with wonder,

  • “How did you know to tell my friend to buy that bracelet? It was exactly what I needed!”

Let’s now look at the bracelets that in the “For You” pile.

Why might there be so many bracelets?

You can ask the following question to start to the process of understanding:

  • “Do I need this bracelet NOW?”

You may watch yourself sort them into a “NEED NOW” pile and a “NEED LATER” pile.

Why are there bracelets appearing in the “Need Later” pile? There can be a mix of reasons for why you are being guided to buy bracelets in advance of your need to wear them:

Your Guidance knew:

  • that you were busy over the coming weeks and probably would be unable to come back to buy when you needed to start wearing them.
  • that the crystal in bracelet form would be hard to find later when you were ready to wear it.
  • This one often occurred for our out-of-area visitors.
  • Or that a particular crystal bracelet had additional energies imbued into it through the energetic activities that occurred in the shop.
  • And these extra energies would benefit you. That these energies were not available on other bracelets.

If there are a lot of bracelets you have gathered for consideration, you may find you have created extra piles of “You don’t need to buy this” and “You only need to pick one of these, not both of them – your choice.”

Wearing Bracelets – Successes and Failures

For this next section we will move onto things to know about wearing bracelets:

  • the mistakes others have made with them, and,
  • how to experience more healing help from them.

When you are a beginner, there is the hole you can fall into when wearing crystal bracelets.

Maybe you already had a great experience with your first bracelet” – it really did help!

As an example, you may have experienced that wearing a bracelet for the first time did release stress and doubt while you were at work. You feel so good at the idea of having them help you make changes. And you want to see all parts of your life become positive. So, you buy a lot of bracelets to work with lots of different problems and hopes.

And then you put on five or more bracelets each of which offers different energy assistance such as labradorite, jade, yellow calcite, rose quartz and amazonite.

Let me advise that things will not go as expected.

Customer Story:

How did I learn that wearing too many bracelets is really a bad idea? It occurred when I was early in my connection to crystals, and I was at a market selling them.

A young woman walked in saying: “I don’t feel these bracelets are working anymore. I need a crystal bracelet to help me. Also, I’m not feeling very well.”

I tuned into her Guidance and immediately got a sense of which two bracelets she needed.

She bought them but as she went to put them on her arm, she pulled up her sleeve and I saw what she was wearing – 5 bracelets! I checked her other arm, and she had another 4 bracelets there!

Interestingly by co-incidence (or was it?), an experienced crystal intuit was also looking at my crystals. Between the two of us, we received the message from Guidance that many of this woman’s bracelets needed to come off NOW! I pulled them off and felt which ones she needed to wear. And the experienced intuit double checked me – nothing like having hands on supervision!

Several piles were built:

  • A couple were energetically very dirty and which we cleansed on the spot.
  • A big group of bracelets she didn’t need to wear today, and they went into her handbag.
  • And there were 3 that she was to put back on. Yes, two of which were the ones that she had just bought from me.
  • With no bracelets on, she felt her energy improve immediately as her field was no longer overwhelmed causing her to feel ill.
  • And the experienced intuit suggested that she sat on the ground in the beautiful sunshine while the restoration of her energy was completed.
  • Once she was re-balanced and re-grounded, she came back and put on the three bracelets she needed to wear today. They were all complementary to each other and focused around one aspect of help she needed. I don’t remember what, maybe it was creativity.
  • She said could feel them working together very happily, and that they were uplifting her.
  • And as a bonus she enjoyed a lesson about cleansing bracelets and how to intuit which ones to wear each morning.

So that was my big lesson about what would happen if you wore too much all at once – you could end up overwhelmed and even fill sick. It also explained why I was only ever guided to put on one, two or three bracelets at time for myself.

And please know that I’m not talking about wearing three clear quartz bracelets, or three rhodonite bracelets in one go. This is OK – you are making a fashion choice that you like looking things in groups of three. Three bracelets of the same type will count as one crystal type.

Rule of Thumb

So, with this explained, here is my “Rule of Thumb” for wearing completely different types of crystal bracelets:

  • If you notice that you are Guided to wear one, two or three then all is likely to be good.
  • If you want to put on a fourth – double check.
  • And if you are wanting to put on five or more – you really need to intuit why!
  • Also don’t forget to include in the count any pendants and earrings you are wearing, as well as, any crystals in your pocket.
  • The rule of thumb applies across them all.

So are you NOW puzzled about why you felt the need to buy 6 bracelets, yet I am telling you there is a “rule of thumb” to wear only 1, 2, or 3 at the one time?

Don’t be worried. There can be a cycle in any given month or week when you need swap between which of the six bracelets you are to wear at any time. And do not be surprised if, in this cycle, there are some bracelets you wear a lot, and some that are not. This is a typical situation for everyone.

As an example, I would find my often-used bracelets would help me “breakthrough” some difficulty. They may be worn for a week or two while I process and transmute the difficulty.

Then I would find a different bracelet or two were ready to do their special assistance such as expand my energy now that the first level of that difficulty was out of my energy field. They may only spend a day or two doing their assistance, before I would find myself back to the original bracelets to take me through another level or another aspect of the difficulty which was ready to be faced and cleared.

So don’t be surprised if for a while you see yourself cycling though the same bracelets. It’s just different level of clearing, balancing, and expanding your energy field that your Guidance is taking you through at this time in your life.

Multi-Crystal Bracelets – Yes or No?

Have you been wondering if you should wear multi-crystal bracelets? My Team has always guided me away from buying multi-crystal bracelets. I only buy one type called a “chakra” bracelet because there are a lot of beginners who just want to try out their first bracelet and these bracelets are a pretty rainbow of color which appeal to them.

Also, they are popular with those who do not believe in crystal energy and who just want a pretty bracelet. And that’s OK.

Both sets of people will be taking the energy of the colours through their eyes.

  • Their energy field will feel the benefit of all these different colours flowing through the chakras doing a general cleanse, balance, and enhance.
  • Just looking at the bright array of colours will uplift their mood and that is a great outcome.

However, more experienced buyers are not drawn to buy chakra bracelets for themselves.

There are so many different energies occurring that the bracelet can’t do much of any specific assistance other than a general “mood improver”.

For example, you may want help with confusion, while improving your creativity, and shifting your heart’s unhappiness. Your Guidance knows that these are unrelated issues so having three different bracelets like tiger’s eye, yellow calcite and rhodonite will be a better way to get the help.

Each one can be worn on its own day when it will be best aligned to the energies and situations that will come to you to help you deal with what the confusion is about, or what is causing the block in expressing your creativity, or clearing the feelings of vengeance that your unhappy heart holds.

There is one occasion that I would be guided to buy multi-crystal bracelets.

And that was if the person who beaded the bracelets channeled their creations with a specific purpose. For example: “Empower Your Divine Goddess Within”. Their creations were energetically balanced and held an extra boost of energy.

Positioning The Bracelet

Now let’s talk about what I would rank as the second biggest mistake made when wearing bracelets. Are you checking on which wrist the bracelet should be worn?

When we start to wear crystal bracelets, we are often in automatic pilot mode:

  • “I always wear my bracelets on the left hand because I write with my right!”

In the world of crystals this may not be the best place for the crystal bracelet to work for you. You do need to feel where they want to be worn. They may feel better:

  • On the right wrist rather than the left
  • Or the left wrist rather than the right.
  • Or they want to go in your bra or pocket of your top.
  • Or into the back pocket of your pants.
  • Or want to go around the ankle.
  • Or be placed on the top of your head.

Yes, all these positions people have experienced and been amazed at how “right it felt”. Here are some reasons:

  • Maybe there’s a meridian that needs energy to unblock it, so your liver gets more healing help.
  • Maybe it’s on the feminine side, to help you “receive in” energy so you are not being drained by all the action you are giving to the world.

What type of support this is depends on what the crystal is good at. If it’s a moss agate or rainforest jasper, it is helping you receive the support of Mother Earth.

  • Maybe it’s on the masculine side to help you “give out” energy. This means it is helping you get into action.
  • What type of support depends on what that crystal is good at. If it’s an aventurine, it helping you get into action with your creative outlet. If its sodalite, the advice you are giving out through the day, needs to add in the respect, understanding and acceptance, to help it be heard.
  • Maybe placing it at your ankle helps you stay in better connection into the Earth.
  • Maybe placing it on your head is because it’s important that energy comes into the Third eye or Crown. And if your Guidance knows your budget is tight or it is only a one-time need to wear it there then the bracelet is a good option rather than spending more money buying a pendant, earrings, or a hair clip.
  • Our customers told us over the years that they were prompted sometimes to wear their bracelet – on a ribbon or as a scarf tie to get it close to the throat, around their ponytail, pined them in their hair and even anchored under a hat!

Signs To Remove The Bracelet and Why

One of the interesting things that often happens as you wear a bracelet all day is that you find yourself unconsciously wanting to take it off!

Do not resist this urge! Why?

If it happens within a few minutes of putting it on, your Guidance will be signaling that you:

  • have put it in the wrong position, or
  • that it is the wrong crystal to wear today.
  • This usually happens when you have been in “Automatic habit” mode as you put on the bracelet.

My Story:

If this urge is happening about 20 minutes to a few hours later, it is probably a sign from your Guidance that you need a change in energetic support.

  • For example, this can happen when I sit down at my desk with other crystals selected for their assistance as I work.
  • And bracelets I am wearing suddenly need to come off. Why?
  • I am in a different situation compared to my morning’s mental and emotional state, and now the bracelets cannot help me.
  • Once work is done, my mental and emotional state changes again and often I need put the bracelets back on.
  • Another reason for urge to remove the bracelets, is that the crystal has “done its work for the day” and
  • that by taking it off, it gives more space for the other bracelets to do their work, or
  • it is time for your energy body to re-balance all the energy it has absorbed from the bracelets.

Yes, letting your body re-balance all the energy the crystals have poured into it, is also important in the restoration and improvement of your energy field.

I encourage you to find 4 hours each day when you can be away from your crystals to let this important work happen. I suggest sleep time as the easiest time to do this. If you are interested to know how I learnt this – ask me to do a video in the Comments – it was quite the experience!

My Story – Sleeping With Bracelets

However, I do have periods of time, where I am stressing about something and the wearing of bracelets to bed is the only thing that calms my body enough so I can fall asleep.  I used to discourage wearing bracelets in bed believing the elastic would break. But this has not been my experience.

And I find wearing my bracelets seems to work better than putting crystals in my pillow or on the side table!

If I wear them in bed, I will find another time to be crystal-free for the re-balance.

The Other Secret Benefit Why A Bracelet

So another question you may have is why you are guided to buy a bracelet rather than the same crystal in a form that could put in your pocket or on the desk? The reason for this is the often-overlooked benefit of how a crystal indirectly helps you by helping others around you.

For example, if you work with a person who is negative, they can’t see a Black Tourmaline crystal that is in your pocket. But if you wear it as a bracelet, then they can see the colour. Now, through their eyes, they unconsciously absorb the black colour which for many is the colour that represents comfort and protection.

Both of which will help that person drop out of their mental stream of negativity to come back into their physical body and to ground their energy. As they settle down, they become more reasonable to be around, and this helps you.

Sure, you can have this crystal on your desk but if you wander around the office all day to meetings where you will meet the problem people then a crystal at your desk won’t help you.

And don’t forget you too will be enjoying direct benefits from seeing it and feeling it. You will sense its:

  • protective, comforting presence
  • how it absorbs your negativity,
  • how it absorbs environmental negativity,
  • how this helps your thoughts and emotions to settle down.
  • How your mind becomes calmer, so you start to think better, and
  • How you may receive insights including:
    • What to say or
    • What to understand about the situation.

Always remember if black is too powerful for you or the colour causes you to feel anxiety, you can buy tourmaline in other colours.

And if you receive negativity through your thoughts rather than through your feelings, then Black Obsidian, even Black Onyx, can benefit you and others … as discussed above. Obsidian also has softer forms if pure black is too much.

 Link Affirmations To Bracelets

And now let’s move onto to my final tip for this video:

Being able to look at your crystal bracelet, can help you receive reminders of something important you need to do, as you move through your day.

For example, when customers were guided to a pink bracelet, some would receive the message that each time they looked at the bracelet they were to have the following thoughts:

  • “The Angels are with me. Have I asked them to help me with this issue? Did I look to see if they sent me a sign with answers or ideas?”.

Affirmations can also work more effectively if linked to a bracelet.

For example, some customers received that each time they looked at their bracelet, they were to affirm something like:

  • “The Universe loves me as I am. I am lovable to the Universe.”
  • “The Universe is Infinite. There is Abundance for all, including me.”

So as this video comes to its end, I know I have not covered everything about bracelets. I do have a companion video on pendants which covers some similar information, but it also has additional insights relevant to bracelets too. So have a look at it!

Also remember, through the practice of selecting what bracelet to wear, how to wear it and why you seem to need it, you will build your intuitive skills in a safe environment.

If you want to know more – please let me know what topics in the Comments area as I can create videos about them.

I am Shamarah, helping you remember that your crystal friends want to help you move towards your happier life.

So let your crystal friends help you now.


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