Crystal Pendants – Everything You Need To Know

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Click here to enjoy the video on the energetic success and failures of buying crystal pendants, cleansing crystal pendants, and wearing crystal pendants.

Introduction to Video:

Hello and welcome to Crystal-Experiences – a channel designed to help you enjoy more meaningful connections to the world of Mother Nature’s crystals.

This video has been created to help you use your pendants more effectively than you may have realized to boost your development.

By this I mean your personal and spiritual development including building confidence in your intuitive senses.

You may already have experienced a particular pendant whose energy from reading a book or holding it in your hand matched exactly what you needed.

But somehow, it felt “wrong” when you were wearing it. This is to help you understand why.

If you are new to crystal pendants, then you will get a chance to avoid beginner mistakes.

And in both cases the better understanding should also help you better sense your intuitive skills with less self-doubt.

It has been created from personal and customer experiences of what went well and what went wrong with wearing crystal pendant.

My name is Shamarah, I have been selling crystals for over 18 years, where I have shared stories and insights with hundreds of customers at markets and our shops.

I am not going to talk about selecting the right crystal itself in this video, except for a section called: “buy right for your energy type.”

Picking the right crystal to wear for love, or confidence, or money and so on, already has other videos on that topic and more coming.

It will instead focus on the insights related to the crystal which is worn around the neck such as a

  • pendant in a metal setting or
  • crystal with a drilled hole on string, or
  • a beaded necklace, or
  • a tumble in a metal spiral, cotton or hemp basket necklace.

I will use the term “pendant” to cover all these forms of wearing a crystal.

While I mainly use the term “using your intuition”, “Guidance” or “sensing the energy”, I mean any intuitive sense that you may have already active to receive helpful and accurate insights about the pendant. These include:

  • gut feel,
  • clairvoyance (you see images),
  • clairsentience (you feel energy),
  • claircognizance (you just “know” the information,


  • clairaudience (you can hear information.

This video covers areas about use such as:

  • Checking if the pendant is energetically cleansed on all levels.
  • Positioning the pendant correctly.
  • Discovering how the pendant may be helping you directly or indirectly.
  • Why you may not be attracted to certain crystal pendants for yourself even though you love them on others.
  • What to do if you receive or buy one that feels wrong in some way.
  • How you can change the energy of a crystal pendant to be even better.
  • What you should know about wearing multiple crystal jewelry at the same time.
  • What to do when you face a situational ban or you fear other people’s judgements of you if you wear a crystal pendants.
  • Does the pendant’s size matter?
  • Does the pendant’s shape matter?
  • Is there a style of the pendant’s setting that is important?


  • Does the colour of the pendant’s settings matter?

It is a very long video (one hour) so sit back and enjoy the insights about selecting crystal pendants.

And the ups and down of wearing crystal pendants through the many stories shared.



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