Exercising? Why not meditate too?

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Use exercise and meditation to bring yourself to a relaxed, centred and happy space to take into the rest of your day.

This is really too easy… and for some who read this, you are likely to discover that you already move into a meditative space while working out.

Firstly, meditating while exercising will only work when you are familiar with what you are doing. That is, your mind and muscles can go onto automatic pilot with only light mental activity to monitor you are on course. You cannot meditate when you are learning something! Although you can practise giving FULL focus to what you are learning and to release or extraneous mind-tape thoughts to the sky.

OK, so you are familiar with what you are doing whether that is walking to or from work, rowing or pumping weights. Read on…
Remember everything in meditation is about breathing!

Bring your focus to being with your heart. Feel your contentment, happiness even love (if that suits) in what you are doing – you are honouring yourself.
Let go any judgements or criticism beyond ensuring your are walking well, you are using the correct muscles, etc. I mean, release the inner comments that you don’t exercise enough, your muscles are flabby, etc.

Breathe into your heart all feelings of contentment and happiness and releasing all from your heart that does not make you content with your out breath.

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