Healing Properties Of Clusters

Crystal clusters have additional healing properties from the way crystals grouped as they grew

When the statement is “usually quartz” this means all quartz varieties have this potential – amethyst, clear quartz, citrine …

Note that elestial, manifestation and bridge crystals are discussed in “crystals with unusual growth” article.

Geological information and terminology about the shapes can be found here.

General Cluster

This is a generic term for any grouping of many crystals. Usually connected to a base (matrix) from which they grow, but can be crystals that grew together from being individually formed.

Great for situations where more than one person such as meditation, healing sessions and rooms where groups meet like the family room.

Great to cleanse and enhance other stone’s energies if left on them overnight.

Crystals that are placed on each other e.g. small crystal on a larger cluster, remain connected even after separation.

Speciality Clusters


A large crystal with smaller crystals growing on it. If it is a single smaller crystal then refer to Dolphin (see later).

It’s as if an old soul whose wisdom attracts younger crystals.

Useful for meditation on family or community problems as it promotes working together and enhances the common purpose.

Excellent companion during times of loss of a loved one.


Crystals have grown in a circular form.


A large crystal with smaller crystals growing on it as if candle wax has dripped down the sides of the main point.


Multi-terminated points quartz. Contains Akashic Records library giving access to all that has occurred on earth and celestial realms and your life path of your sole. Reading being helps you understand sole purpose. And what needs to be learnt and done. Facilitates communication with God aids/advises so that karma and Dharma can be worked with consciously. Facilitates evolution by raising thought to higher vibration eliminating the mind. Amplifies effects of other crystals and aids connection to group.


Two crystals have partly grown into each other or a small crystal is growing out of a larger crystal. If one crystal completely surrounds another, refer to “manifestation” definition. If the crystal is growing into the main crystal then refer to “penetration”.

Are nurturing and provide tremendous support. Help you to understand a relationship better and how one can support another,


A smaller crystal crosses at 90% another crystal.

Stabilises you within yourself, opening to the multiplicity of worlds and facilitates spiritual studies.

Removes energy implants and clears and activates any chakra.


Spiky crystals. Usually referred to for Calcite clusters.


A large crystal with a smaller one attached to the side.

Protects the defenceless, sensitive, insecure or vulnerable. Helps us learn to receive abundance and to nurture ourselves as well as others. Assists in working with all traumas, including abuse.

Elestial or Skeletal or Jacare or Alligator Skin

Varieties: Angel Wing, Amethyst Flower

Elestials are where the points are lying flat relative to the base, folding over each other to create a multi layered piece. Where the formation spreads out like a fan out it is known as Angel Wing. Where the formation spreads out around a central point, it is called a flower. Features created by unstable geological conditions during a lengthy period of crystallization.

Its sustaining, comforting and gently flowing energy removes blockages and fear, balancing polarities and opening the way to necessary change. So its helpful to overcome emotional burden and in connecting you to your eternal self.

Can take you deep within yourself, even to the past to understand the spiritual processes at work.


Usually kyanite or scolerite.

Geode or Cave

Crystals are contained within an out form. When opened there is a hollow surrounded by crystals pointing inward. Most commonly agate and usually with quartz family members inside.

A geode diffuses amplified energy (of the group), softening it and letting it flow out slowly.

Good for protection and spiritual growth.

Break down addictive or overindulgent behaviour.

Jacare – refer Elestial


Crystals grew in thin layers, or mineral laid down in layers. Usually mica forms (very fine), Tiger Eye, Rainbow Jasper, Tiger iron.

Good for working on several layers at once as they spread the energy out in layers. Can assist to getting to the bottom of things.

Spirit, Fairy, Pineapple, Cactus (usually quartz family)

Lots of small crystals are growing out and up the side of a larger centre point.

Note if the crystals are very small like druzy then refer to the definition for “fairy”.

Note if the crystals are clustered at the base of a single piece with crystals in parallel Elestial Geode and other angles then refer to the definition for “abundance”.

Note there are similar forms in Andalusite (India) and Hematoid Amethyst Quartz (Morocco) but there are still more a rose shape than a point covered in druzy.

Crystal Pairs

Twin flame

Crystal with two points on a common base, both parts of a twin crystal are exactly parallel to each other, and have no boundary between them.

Symbolises two souls with a strong foundation together, but who celebrate each other’s differences. Attracts like minded, spiritual companions. Generates positive energy toward improving a relationship. Help you gain insight into the underlying problems in any relationship, and help work through them.

A twin with a rainbow can be very effectively used to project healing energy into a relationship or to keep a good relationship strong.

Soul mate

Two crystals of equal length and size growing side by side.

Symbolises the union of two soul mates. Helps to balance and complement relationships on all levels. Can aid in accessing past life experiences or memories.

Y crystals

Two crystals which naturally form a “y”.

Symbolises the innocent roots of humanity. Aids in the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Enhances the female warrior attributes.


This is one long quartz family member crystal with many small crystals clustered around its base.

Attracts wealth and abundance.

Good to put in wealth corner of home or business.

Flower or Sputnik

Crystal fan out in three dimensions from a central point.

Usually selenite, creedite, argonite.

Haystack, Jacksaw

The crystals seem to have grown individually and then merged into one group. These are relatively frail compared to the equivalent forms for the same type of mineral.

They have grown in a watery environment e.g. jelly substance of some kind and so their vibration is refined and lovely.

I have found them to be excellent for working on issues around being an individual yet part of the group. It aids in recognitions all are different, unique in their way. Yet coming together to share energy forms a new energy of the group which is grand and beautiful too. And the individual is not lost. If one crystal is particularly different to the rest e.g. black when the rest are clear, this creates a wonderful chance to deal with being “the black sheep”.


Usually fluorite, celestite or pyrite. For properties refer to naturally shaped crystal article.

Penetration or Inner Child

This is a crystal grows into another crystal. If it grown out of then its a “companion” (refer above).

Excellent stone for working with the “inner child”. Reminds us to love and accept ourselves. Tremendous for relieving sadness or stress. Use also to shift issues around others “penetrating” your energy field, your abundance &/or your time so that you create boundaries which other respect.


Usually muscovite or hematite where each “petal” is a blade.


Needle crystals are growing parallel to each other to form a solid mass.

Usually gypsum variety satin spar, tourmaline, kunzite-hiddenite.

Scepter Cluster, Sceptre Cluster (mis-spelling: Scepture Cluster)

A scepter crystal is a rare type of crystal formation in which the main crystal formed around a pre-existing crystal rod, resulting in a unique geological geometry. The original crystal rod formed over vast periods of geological time and then, conditions changed, and became more favorable to crystal growth. Perhaps the crystal was surrounded by a solution of super-saturated silica, for instance, triggering a rapid growth spurt.

Mineralogists suggest that rapid growth favors the formation of a crystal’s point rather than its faces because points are composed primarily of edges, and during rapid crystalline growth edges and points generate a higher electrical charge than the rest of the crystal, and this higher electrical charge attracts silica molecules, which then form an engorged “head”, “knob”, or “point” around the pre-existing crystal rod, which acts as a “handle” for the new crystal scepter.

In any case, there is no doubt that all scepter crystals had a “troubled childhood” which typically involved two-stages of crystallization, and oftentimes earthquake shocks, multiple freeze-thaw cycles and severe transformations in the chemical composition of the pockets within which crystals form and grow.

Sceptre Quartz can be used:

  • to ease, as its function is to harmonise the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body.
  • for empowerment, assisting in aligning the will with action, providing protection against controlling influences.
  • for healing ceremonies by spiritual healers and shaman throughout the ages.
  • to facilitate energetic shifts at the root of dis-ease, releasing blockages and stagnation at the deepest levels.
  • It is said that Sceptre Quartz is useful in the treatment of fertility dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.

Skeletal – refer Elestial


Two major crystals of similar size which grew side by side, and with one, two or three smaller crystals. They look like a family group.

This I have intuited myself that these help you with family issues. Use to bring the group dysfunctions into the light for resolution and transmutation so the family becomes strong together and supportive of each other. Also use to attract in your life, a life partner and children using it to help clear emotional blocks and beliefs around being a partner or parent.

Waterfall Quartz

the word waterfall is used to convey a consideration where the crystals are cascading as if they have come down from the roof of a cave.

  • Can act to dispel depression and protect from depression and despondency.
  • And cleanse and refresh the aura and chakras providing energy consistent and uniform in sweeping and transforming negativity from you.
  • Stimulate analytical capabilities and precision.
  • Provides further perceptiveness to situations awakening inherent talents and adroitness.
  • Connects and allows inspiration from your inner self to come through.
  • Aids and elimination of erratic and careless behaviour.
  • Assist one to intuitively know and accept customs of a location and to guide you to areas in which the importance for continuing your own life journey.
  • May aid treatment of motor capabilities, arterial flow and dehydration. Orderly growth of tissues. And control body temperature and fevers.