Healing Properties Of Crystal Faces

Unusual structure or shape of one or more faces of the crystal also add additional metaphysical properties

Grounded Top Edge (Receiver Quartz)

Large flat top edge.

Brings relief and releases tension. Has an emotional refreshing and fortifying effect. Helps loosen fixed attention and to better experience the environment. Can reduce fever, relax, enhance energy flow and detox.


Five sided face

This is a face with five sides and the shape is pleasantly even between all sides.

Isis or Goddess

The two sides that extend down from point are much longer than than the 2 sides that connect to the base. The base is some where between the two.

The put you in touch with the Goddess energy and will help with what is emotionally difficult such as grief – as “emotions” are feminine energy, while “doing” is masculine energy. .

So they help help you understand the feminine aspects of yourself and others and so strengthen your feminine. Then you will be ready to re-empower your feminine nature which has been so dis-empowered over the centuries by the patriarchal societies.


Arrow head or spade

Cannot find information about this.


Seven sided face

Use to increase your intuitive skills so you can obtain information from deep within yourself or from sources outside – angels, universal field, … So use when you want answers and help. It helps you express what has been learnt.


This is one seven sided face with a triangular face directly opposite.


This is two seven sided faces with two triangular faces directly opposite. Also assists with long distance healing, energy or thought transmissions.

Trans-channeller or Dow

This is 3 x seven sided faces with opposing three triangular faces. As a combo of the above it is said to be highly creative and is dedicated to the service of humankind thus is can harness a higher level of self inside and collective wisdom as well.



Helps one to move through lessons and grow. Teaches patience and reminds you to give yourself time and assist in managing one’s time. Can aid tremendously in telepathic commutation so such past and parallel life recall.


Window is diamond shaped (as per card pack). Takes you deep inside yourself to help you find clarity and balance. Can help you find yourself – even a lost person! Reminds you to be “open-minded and to let in the light”.

Time link

Window is a parallelogram. If it leans top (left) to bottom (right) then is called a past life window allowing you to more easily go back and clear past issues creating dis-ease for you.

Window is a parallelogram. If it leans top (right) to bottom (left) then is called a future life window allowing you to move forward so you can see where you are going to create based on your current position .

A crystal with both also help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Ancestral Time-link

Window is a parallelogram that goes from base to wards the top of the crystal. Helps with clearing the ancestors past issues so then the family dis-ease can heal.

Other crystal structures

Damaged point

This represent the warrior – the one who goes out to “fight” may get dinged but always is able and willing to “fight” another day. Enhances personal truths, integrity, and helps one to live a “right-minded life Helps one to know the “warrior within” and aids in fighting one’s inner-most fears. A wonderful stone for protection and safe-guarding spirit.

Right handed crystal

A crystal which has an extra face on the right side of largest face. Helps to activate the masculine energies – the logical, verbal and intellectual left side of the brain. Encourages learning and study, and is great for working with ego

Left handed crystals

A crystal with an extra face on the left side of the largest face. Helps stimulate the female energies of healing and creativity, patience, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. Represents the energy which is coming into the soul.

Lemurian Seed or Star Seed

Occurs in quartz family members only and from Brazil.

Long point with deeply etched horizontal striations on alternate faces – often frosted.

Perfect tool for light workers reminding them to look after their evolution, as well as facilitating that of others. Teachings from Lemuria, including piercing illusions of separateness in physical incarnation and how to connect to All That Is. Gridded can help access angelic contact or a Stargate so can reconnect to past knowledge. Great in past life therapies especially when used in a medicine wheel.

In Smoky Quartz:efficient karmic cleanser, freeing you from the past and helping you understand how power was misused in the past creating the dense vibration. Teaches wise use of power enabling empowered souls to operate multi dimensionally, in full awareness, embracing the shadow self and embracing the light.

In Citrine: brings spiritual abundance so you can access your gifts and skills from the past to use now. Carries the golden flame illuminating the mind. Helps you know how to re-balance the earth’s grid towards abundance.

In Tangerine Quartz: rectifies karmic and salt imbalances helping etheric blueprint to expand to the higher vibration. Offers profound change and activates soul-based creativity.

In Hematoid “Pink” Quartz: carries the pink flame of unconditional, compassionate love helping remove emotional karmic debris so you can raise to the universal also. Removes emotional ties including misuse of heart energy from Lemuria or Atlantis and activating the heart chakra more deeply.