Healing Properties Of Crystal Shape

How a crystal has grown can assist you energetically and practically

These are in several ways:

  • Shape of the crystal as it grew naturally as an individual or part of a group (discussed below).
  • Shape of a crystal usually after shaping by a person – geometric, statue
  • Shape of a crystal’s face (if unusual)
  • What has occurred unusually as the crystal grew
  • Shape of the group (or cluster) it belongs to (if applicable)

Crystals may have features of several of the descriptions.

If you want to read the geological view point (which is very scientifically mind boggling) read these:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_structure and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_growth.

The natural shape of the crystal


These are the “lumps” or roughs where no crystals grow.

  • Energy flows rapidly as not rigid internal structure and thus fast acting and instant in effect.

Types: Obsidian, common green or blue quartz, common rose quartz.

Cube or Square or Rhomboid

Crystal has grown into a cubic shape. Typically celestite, pyrite, fluorite or calcite.

  • Consolidates energy within its form.
  • Useful for anchoring intention and for grounded.
  • Naturally occurring squares draw off negative energy and transform to the positive.

Double Terminated

A single crystal that has grown alone and both ends finish in a faceted point.

Common types are quartz family members.

  • Channels energy through both directions at the same time. And so are stronger energetically than a single point of same size.
  • Excellent for astral projection, dreaming and meditation.
  • Can provide for protection from physical and mental harm.
  • Assists us in our mental/emotional/physical balancing.
  • Excellent to use with other stones as the energies rotate both left and right.

ET or Rocket

A crystal with one point on one end and many individual points on the other, resembling an old-fashioned rocket.

  • Facilitates communication with extra-terrestrial beings.
  • Reminds us that we are all individuals within the One.
  • Helps you to build and maintain self-confidence and courage.
  • Aids you in raising one’s consciousness from that of the self to that of the group and thus connect to the higher dimensions.
  • Assist in communicating with the Angelic Realm to include Guardian Angels and higher Beings.


A crystal which has suffered severe damage.

  • Aids tremendously when working with addictions.
  • Reminds us to have compassion for others, without losing our own energy.
  • Represents the ability to conquer all adversities, and
  • Demonstrates that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.


Plate-like as in mica form of Lepidolite and Fuchsite, rosettes of Hematite.

Helpful for working on several levels at once as the spread the energy through the layers.

Assists in getting to the bottom of things.

Point or Single Termination: Generator, Wand

One end of the crystal ends in a point which is faceted. Usually the other end is/was attached to the matrix or crystal group from which it grew.

If its detached the other end will look messy or ragged. However if the crystal has been detached for a long time there may be a neatening up called “self-healing”.

Some points can be very tiny. It’s the most common shape for crystalline pieces.

Good to use in healing, on altars or in sacred patterns:

  • Pointed away from the body, centre of the alter/mandala it draws energy off.
  • Point inward it channels energy into the body, altar or mandala.


Generators: usually man-shaped – Refer to article on properties of man-shaped crystals.

Traditional healing tools of shamans (natural) and healers (natural or man-shaped).

They tightly focus energy through their tip. Best used with intent.

Laser quartz:

Natural long slender crystal that tapers toward the termination and has very small faces. Sides may slightly curve. Use with caution as extremely powerful. Only use with clarity of intention.

  • Focus a beam of energy allowing for precise healing work to be carried out. They can be thought of as an extension of the user’s intention and energy.
  • Excellent for breaking up stagnant energy within an energy field or for more precise work with energetic cords or energetic ties that are built between individuals.
Long point:

Unusually long crystal, focuses energy in a straight line to rapidly transmit or draw away energy.

Use with caution as extremely powerful. Only use with clarity of intention.


Natural geometric eight sided crystal found as fluorite.

Plates or Blades or Disk or Disc

Variation: Disk that looks like a flower or butterfly

Crystal has grown flat and as a solid piece. Usually wulfenite, pyrite calcite or hematite.


Naturally a common shape for apophyllite. Refer to article on properties of man-shaped crystals.


A crystal which has formed a point around a “shaft” of crystal. Can have reverse sceptre too.

Said to be carried by priests/priestesses of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Reminds you of who you are and why you are here.

Stimulates courage to take action and follow through.

Establishes firm connection between spirit and the “true self”.

Self Healed

Crystal was broken from its base but regrew.

If its a partial break it may be considered a tectonic (below).

Break may occur if the crystal broke free of its original connection point to the earth:

– e.g. wall of a cave, or the rest of the crystal.

Looks like many small termination points forming over the break which may lie flat like elestials.

  • As a wound-healer, the crystal’s knowledge of self-healing”
  • Assists you to let go the past and grow in your new direction.


Flat, broken pieces of self-healed crystals.

  • Symbolises the freedom to be who you are.
  • Represents an incredible ability to find the healing within:
  • Great stone for stress and depression.


Part of a crystal that was sliced off a main point. Usually has re-healed along the break surface. They are long and/or wide and thin with no main point.

  • Sheet quartz is used to gaze through a window to other dimensions, access information from astral plane and the Akashic Records as well is to find the files within the inner self.
  • It allows you to recognise disorder within yourself and to rearrange and reorganise in order to clear disease.
  • Helps you look within any situation so that all details are clear and obvious.
  • Aids bringing business to those who offer service to others.
  • Said to help for disorders and pain around the heart.


Crystal has grown in a water environment rather than air like in a gas pocket. Crystal will be very gemmy (clear/transparent) and fluid creation unique shapes.

  • The vibration is therefore more refined. In other words it is a higher vibration
  • Adds a higher level of connection/consciousness to the normal crystal’s properties.
  • Can be pleasant for sensitive people due to refinement.

Tabby or tabular

Opposing sides of a crystal are wide and flat compared to the others – typically there is no “point” as usually rectangular.

Energy flows easily through it – without resistance thus:

  • helps remove confusion, misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
  • Great for communication especially to other realms.
  • Activates other crystals and if two points to it it helps bring about perfect balance and thus helpful with telepathy.
  • Acts as a bridge allowing energy to move across breaks or blockages in an energy field thus allowing the flow of energy to be restored.
  • Can connect or link two energy centres (such as chakras) which allow for an energy exchange and thus integration to occur.
  • Helps set up a link between one’s personality self and one’s soul allowing integration between the 3rd dimension and the higher dimensions.
    • Increasing intuition and communicating the knowledge needed to move forward.