Healing Properties of Unusual Growth

As crystals grew, unusual events may have added to the metaphysical healing properties of each crystal

As a crystal grows its interaction with other crystals, minerals and environmental factors can create layering (inclusions, phantoms, enh-hydro and veils), holes (aperture or gateway), interesting linkages (bridges, penetrators, manifestation), and cracks (shift, tectonic, rainbows, crackled) which add additional interest (geologically and visually) and healing properties.

The following variations created from environmental events, in theory could happen in all crystal families. However they are most recognised in members of the quartz family. More geological information with pictures can be found here.

Aperture or Gateway

Crystal has a cup shaped depression that can hold liquid.

Gazing into the gateway lets you travel to other worlds, the past and future.


Barnacle crystals are recognized by the main crystal being covered, or partially covered, in smaller crystals. They can look like the crystal is covered in sugar.

The large main crystal is the “old soul” which attracts the smaller younger crystals for the knowledge and wisdom it can bring forth. Barnacle crystals can aid family or community situations where there is a need to bring together those who can form a group to work for the greater good of all.


A smaller crystal creating a bridge between two larger crystals

It brings things together like the inner and outer worlds. Helps to bridge any “gaps” in communication between self and others:

  • Helpful for public speak – bridging your new ideas out to the audience.
  • Assists in the understanding of lessons between students and teachers.
  • Helps promote growth in spirituality and metaphysical knowledge.

Crystal’s clarity goes from cloudy at base to clear at top

The base is cloudy and as the eye moves toward the point, the crystal becomes clearer until it is fully clear. Can be common in clear quartz.

Good for those who seek the potential of spiritual growth – reminds you move from the cloudy or “maya” illusions of life to the clear light of consciousness.


A crystal which has suffered severe damage.

Aids tremendously when working with addictions. Reminds us to have compassion for others, without losing our own energy. Represents the ability to conquer all adversities, and demonstrates that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.


Rare. Bubble of water or air was trapped as the crystal grew. They can be millions of years old. Often you can even see a water bubble moving within the air pocket, or trapped things moving around in the water bubble.

They are a symbol of the collective unconsciousness that underlies and unites everything.


Sides or faces of a crystal look like they have been through an etching bath. Occurs naturally and most unpolished crystals will have some imperfections on the surface. An etch faced is more commonly meaning when the etching is deeper and quite noticeable. Etching can occur from water-wear, wind erosion and lightening strike. A lighten strike occurs when the crystal was close to the surface and was indirectly struck. It creates very deep etching faces.

Very good as a personal crystal guiding you to access your past lives to clear the emotional pain and destructive or heavy thoughts that block you moving to your happiness.

Faden quartz, Fadden quartz

Has clearly visible within interior structure a milky feather line. Usually in tabby shaped crystals but very occasionally in a point crystal.

The line represents the seed point of growth, hence believed to have the ability to activate or start new growth within one’s self. Can assist one in astral travel and has been used as a stone for protection during air travel. Helps one to find their “complement” on the physical plane and can help provide physical, emotional and mental stability. Aids in “mending” on all levels and can be used to promote flexibility

Inclusion(s) or Occlusion(s)

Common – another mineral dropped onto the surface of the crystal as it grew so that the mineral became internal to the crystal.

You benefit from the healing properties of the crystal as well as the mineral and the benefit is amplified as the grew in harmony than if you placed the two mineral in different crystal pieces together for a healing. 1 + 1 > 2.

Often the inclusion is more than one mineral, or it can be plant or animal in nature e.g. petroleum in fluorite, insect inside amber.


Another mineral had grown with the crystal(s) but subsequently was washed or pulled away. Typically it is calcite that was the “washed away” mineral as it is so soft. Growth interference crystals are created when calcite formations adhere to the crystallizing quartz rhombohedron (six-sided wand), then disappear over time. This results in long indented grooves along the prismatic faces of the quartz crystal.

In the case of Nirvana or Himalayan quartz the “other” crystal was actually ice.

Growth interference crystals are typically used to enhance understanding of blocks we encounter in our quest for emotional, physical, or spiritual growth, and to gently remove these “stuck” energies, representing old and outdated mental conceptions of the world, recurring patterns of negative behavior manifesting in relationships, negative emotional reactions to life conditions , and physical impediments to health and well-being.

Growth interference crystals can be used to help remove blockages in the chakra system, facilitating the flow of Kundalini energy throughout the human energy field.


Usually formed when the point of another crystal has pulled away leaving an indentation that terminates to a point into the crystal.

Provides a doorway to unlock parts of self normally locked away or to get to hidden information – so excellent for using during healing mediation to help you past your illusions.

Good to help you let go of anything holding the soul from moving forward in its potential.


specialised version: Lemurian


Manifestation or Creation

Rare. One or more small crystals became completely enclosed by a larger crystal during growth.

Excellent for manifesting what you desire. It stimulates creativity, original thought and visualisation until like a baby in the womb – its ready to come forth. Program for assistance at highest level. Be very clear with what you want to help it manifest.

Excellent for group work and planetary healing especially if programmed to “the highest good of all.”

Aids tremendously in stimulating psychic and spiritual awakening. Serves as a reminder of the master teacher within.


A crystal grows pierces another crystal so you do or don’t see the head of the point.

Penetrators aid one in “going within” oneself. They can be used to become familiar with one’s true self and connect to one’s soul. Penetrators help discover any blocks that need to be cleared and issues that need to be healed which will then help one to move forward with one’s spiritual growth.

Phantom inclusion(s)

This occurs when the crystal grows, then some other environmental change such as:

  • a dry spell causes the crystal to stop growing then an inclusion coats it. Later the crystal starts growing again as it did before, or,
  • a rainy season temporarily brings in a new mineral as the crystal grows.

This may happen several times during its growing life.

So they show changes in their own growth experiences and are great when experiencing growth or advancement of any kind.

Puts the past into perspective, points the way towards growth and overcomes stagnation. Good to access past lives/Akashic Records and recover repressed memories. Activates healing abilities and encourages planetary healing through connection to universal awareness. Aids open clairaudience. May treat hearing disorders.

  • Amethyst – to access pre-birth state and this lifetime’s plan so you can evaluate progress.
  • Smoky Q – to access life before you left soul group and know purpose of group incarnation.
  • Chlorite – to remove implants – need to know how. Aids self-realization.
  • Kaolinite – Offers support and sympathy. To retain information and communicate it to others.


Common in quartz family members but seen in fluorite. The rainbow is formed by tiny fractures in the crystal.

It is a sign of joy and happiness so it can assist with depression.

It stimulates and awareness of universal love, draws off negativity and dispenses healing energy to the body.

Record keeper

Rare. A distinctive raised triangle on a face of a crystal. Often on quartz or ruby. Unfortunately it is often polished off when making the crystal look better for sale.

Uncommon: A distinctive triangular depression into the face of a crystal.Often on quartz.

Said to be where the history, ancient knowledge and information of past ages is stored. Helps to expand your personal data base. Superb tools for meditation, they often can take you back to ancient times

Self-healed crystals

These are recognized by a series of very small terminations or faces at one end of a crystal where a break or fracture has occurred (although not necessarily obvious) and a complete termination at the other. The original “broken” end has “healed” itself by forming new growth.

Self healed crystals can be used to aid healing on all levels of one’s being by bringing the feeling of wholeness. Self healed crystals help the physical body to resonate with the vibration of self healing thus they can help to heal the physical body wounds caused by trauma or surgery or help to heal broken bones.

Self healed crystals can aid in recognizing the “gift” in life’s traumas and experiences and integrating that knowledge to move forward and grow.

Tectonic / Shift / Earthquake

Crystal was split during an earth movement like and earthquake, and then rejoin but off centre to the original branch, a type self healed crystals. The crack usually appears as a fault line running through the crystal. May happen numerous times in an active quake zone.

Very powerful crystal to help you break through the old stories such as abusive trauma from childhood as they work well in giving a safe place to return to while one puts the pieces of their lives back together. Thus you can grow significantly into the next level of who you truly are. When I see this crystal going under the healing table I know a big session is about to occur!