Healing Properties of Man Shapes

Healing properties of a crystal carved by man

How a crystal has been shaped by man can assist you energetically and practically. Crystals carved into shapes such as spheres (balls), pyramids, crystal skulls, wands, animals, sacred geometry and etc, all provide additional visual, tactile and directional healing properties to support to you.

Some of these forms can occur naturally, but 99.9% of the market they are shaped, primarily in India or China.

Specially shaped – Sphere, Pyramid, Worry Stone, Wand, Free-form ..

At end of page are the Specially shaped – Angels, Plants, Skull etc

Ball or Sphere

A symbol of perfection. Shaped from a large piece and often has planes or flaws in it, creating rainbows in quartz and fluorite.

They emit energy in all directions equally. Used as a window into the past or future to provide glimpses – known as scrying – hence the gypsy and crystal ball!

  • Gazing into or meditating with a crystal ball helps you recall and release the past – or perhaps view you future.
  • Smaller balls can be great for massaging an area.
  • Can help to unlock the unlimited potential in a situation and helps us to connect with the Oneness inside.


Refer to natural crystal shape article.


As the name implies – an egg or oval shaped crystal.

Confines and shapes energy and can be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body. The pointed end is good for massage or acupressure. Feels good in the hand and thus is a comforter.


Flame shaped crystals are uncommon. They represent the fire within, the crystal energy or “the fire” in the centre of chakras. And of course pictures of Mary and Jesus often have a flame representation for their hearts to show their love and compassion is so amazing it is a fire of transformation. And by the way, so is your own heart’s energy!

In addition:

  • It spirals energy so can help activate a sluggish stream of energy;
  • Spiralling can aid connection to the Divine – note the Twirling Dervishes.
  • Curved enough to be nice to hold in the hand while meditating;
  • Interesting to look at when on an altar.

Free form or Gallet, Worry or Thumb, Palm or Soap or Cushion or Pillow

Organic form that are shaped into any thing but most look a “blob” that’s beautifully polished. Most I have seen would have toned down characteristics of sphere and egg.

  • Help bring the feminine energy into the crystal being worked with.
  • Assist the mind to be less rational/logical and allow flow to happen.
  • Help calm the mind as the tactile desire to stroke them brings your energy down from the mental into the physical body.
  • Worry stone or soap stone or cushion– small and flat, sometimes with indent for thumb.
    • Very, very relaxing so you can “rub away” your worries. Recommended for nervous people.
    • Hold in your hand and rub your thumb up and down the socket-side of the stone
  • Palm stone or pebble – flat and comfortable to carry in palm
    • as “support” while you walk around, relax or meditate.

Generator or Tower

Six faced top which meet in a point and a flat bottom. Sides are parallel to each other.

  • Its main use is to generate energy – it optimises healing energy. It aids focus and clarity of intention.
  • Brings masculine energy such as leadership, logic, rational mind to the crystal being worked with.

Geometric – Sacred Geometry: Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron and Dodecahedron …

The above respectively represent the 5 elements – Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Universe.

  • Metaphysically we, humans, are believed to be composed of combinations of the above geometries as is dis-ease and the universe.
  • Use certain combinations of geometries on the body to restore, balance, repair and expand health and consciousness.


I like the heart shaped crystals the most of all man-shaped pieces. Just seeing a heart kicks off a heart opening, bringing a smile to your face. If you have multiple hearts you can create lovely crystal patterns on your altar. In addition, they are multi-purpose shape:

  • Smooth and a practical size to carry around like a tumble;
  • Great shape to lay on the body during a healing as its flat enough not to fall off;
  • Curved enough to be nice to hold in the hand while meditating;
  • Interesting to look at when on an altar.

Obelisk or Tower

These have a four sided pyramid at the top and four long gently slopping outward sides descending from the pyramid base.

  • Long used by the victorious after battles to mark their success and therefore their power. Greatly used in Egyptian temple complexes.
  • Therefore the energies are a combination of a single terminator and of a pyramid.
  • That is, tight focus of power through the apex to channel energy into or out from the energy bodies of a person, altar or sacred pattern.
  • An obelisk in your environment will help energy to radiate outward from the stone into the area it is placed.
  • Brings masculine energy such as leadership, logic, rational mind to the crystal being worked with.


Four sided crystal with a flat square base.

  • Naturally occurring in Apophyllite they amplify and tightly focus energy through the apex, thus they are good for manifestation.
  • Focuses the energy at the apex so excellent for meditation and as room crystals.
  • And because of the point they can draw energy blocks and negativity from the energy body such as chakra, while replenishing with vibrant energy.
  • Pyramids are used for charging Crystals, distance healing, acupuncture, and Reiki.
  • Pyramids can help us in correction of Vastu.
  • Brings masculine energy such as leadership, logic, rational mind to the crystal being worked with.

Tumbled crystal

Smoothed by a tumbler. Easy to carry in the pocket so that you can work with a particular energy in your day to day activities.

  • Can be reassuring when you fingers stroke its surface or easier shape to place on the body when lying down for healing.
  • Also can help delicate crystals like malachite or selenite be stronger for handling and also less likely to pass on toxins or splinters.
  • Can be less threatening than other shapes as good for the budget conscious.


Long crystal with a pointed end and a rounded end. Or rounded at both ends.

  • Point focuses energy to direct it in or out of a specific area of the physical or energetic bodies, altar, sacred pattern.
  • Smooth end is great for massaging a particular area.
  • We have books on massaging with crystal wands available in store.


Faceted crystal along the long edges and at one or both ends. A minimum of 6 sides of facetting but usually 10 or even more. The more masterfully the facetting the stronger the energy.

  • A high quality vogel can ramp up the energy so much that it is considered a master crystal.
  • And are only for those ready for a significant break through on their spiritual path.
  • Unevenly made vogels ramp up energy like a natural double terminated points crystal.

Specially shaped – Statue of Animals, Angels, Crystal Skulls, Plants


You will have your own associations about what an animal means to you. To give you a start read about the Western symbolism and the Chinese symbolism.

Crystal skull

Shaped into a variety of skulls such as natural human, Mayan, Egyptian or aliens (ETs). These are not to scare you! But you will love or dislike them!

Used in rituals by ancient cultures, such as the Mayan priests and now modern spiritualists, to increase the power of the skull’s crystal properties to especially aid the healing and growth of consciousness for a person and for humanity. Some have been known to channel information about humanity. Read more about skull experiences.

Metaphysical: Angels, Phoenix, …

Attracts the additional healing “essence” of the creature it represents.

  • Phoenix – a bird rising from its ashes represents rebirth to a new you.
  • Angels – wonderful to remind you that loving, non-judgement support is there for you.
  • Gods/Goddess – to invoke the healing power of the go/goddess’s speciality.
  • For specifics refer to metaphysical or Chinese healing books, cards and websites.

Plants: Flowers, Leaf, Tree

Attracts the additional healing “essence” of the flower it represents.

  • Roses – the heart chakra, Mother Mary, Divine Mother(s).
  • Tree – antakarana, our connection to the Earth, symbol for “the healer” in American Indian and Celtic traditions
  • For specifics refer to plant healing books, essences, cards and websites.