Helping Yourself By Helping Gaia

Group of Crystals

How can you help the Earth?

Upset over whaling? Bad drugs? Burma repression? Pollution? Increasing violence?

Donating, signing petitions, going on walks, prayers … all of these things really help the world be a better place. And they help you to feel you are contributing not just complaining. For me – starting these actions moved me out of depression and into feeling I did have a purpose in life. Many of them cost nothing but your time and you may even make some lovely friendships.

There are a range of organisations who bring about change through petitions that would love your support. They really are very effective in helping get individual voices campaigning as one. Here’s who I work through:

And prayers and healing meditations:

  • The Sirius Library – its been going under various names for a while but listen to the previous meditations anyway as they are fabulous.
  • Look around social media for a group that reunite as aligned to your values and the way you like to express yourself
  • your own religion may have suitable arrangements

Do volunteer work:

  • Local Council e.g. Support for the elderly, Bush regeneration …
  • Local Animal groups e.g. Walk the dogs, Clean animals, Foster animals
  • Ring any Charity and see what they need a hand with e.g. help in their retail outlet, calli for donations, drive things around, secretarial work, IT work, Social media support …

These are organisations I support financially as there is no “anti” energy or religious influences. Most are international but Graham & I donate through Australia as we get tax benefits – and then we can support more!

Remember, it’s the little things that allow us to help Mother Earth become a happier place. And that helps you feel more in control of your life and gives you a greater sense of self and how you contribute to the world around you. Just saying hello to a stranger in the street can be amazing to see and feel.

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