How to Use a Pendulum

facetted Clear Quartz Pendulum

Here is how to receive answers using a Pendulum. This post only covers the basics of how to use a pendulum. As you practice you will get better and better and additional insights about how this tool works for you.

One other consideration is whether you have the right crystal for the type of questions you are asking. If one pendulum seems not to be working, try another.


The basic technique for pendulum use

  1. Hold the pendulum loosely at whatever length feels comfortable.
  2. Clear the mind of outside noise, emotional churn, mind-chatter, etc.
  3. Hold it still – having your arm against a wall or elbow on the table while you sit can help
  4. Ask it which direction means YES.
  5. Once answered, ask the pendulum which movement means NO.
  6. For either answer, it will spin or sway in a particular direction different between YES answer and NO answer.
  7. I also recommend that you ask the crystal to show you a MAYBE. You will typically get:
    • Swinging forward/back and left/right as a YES/NO and a circling as a MAYBE or
    • Circle clockwise/anticlockwise as a YES/NO and a swinging motion for MAYBE.
  8. Once this is clear, then again hold it still, ask your simple question and watch what movement pendulum makes.
    • “Simple question” means a question that can be answered purely with a YES or NO.
    • If you get a MAYBE the re-word/simplify more.
  9. That is your answer.
  10. You need to practice, as practice will improve the connection.

Why this works

We live in an energy universe. A practiced person can “feel” an answer as a physical sensation.

However if that is not yet developed in you then a pendulum amplifies the physical sensation that our nerves wish to communicate. It is your Higher Self that gives you the answers through your nervous system which twitches to create the pendulum to move in a YES or NO direction.

With further experience, a much broader range of information is available through pendulum amplification is possible.

Have fun selecting one of crystals for gain your insights today. Type in “pendulum” in the search bar. A bigger range is in our Crows Nest shop.

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