About Us

The Rock Crystal Shop owners and staff love crystals and rocks. We all use them around their own homes for amazing decorative effects, pleasure of looking at the spectacular ability of Nature to create, as well as for their healing and energy expanding help.

Our crystals are ethically sourced from around the world. We give our suppliers a thorough vetting that they are selling us real and untreated crystals. We do have a very small range of coloured, heated, gamma radiated, lasered, and man-made but we tell you this in our descriptions. Unfortunately selling fakes without disclosure is an increasing problem in this market so it is buyer beware at markets, websites (especially China-based) and some shops. If it seems too cheap – this may be a reason.

This experience is what we share with you.

There are two stores in Sydney both on great transport (bus and train) and free parking close-by.

Like other shops, we no longer do Mind, Body Spirit Festival due to ethical issues with the organisers.

Shamarah and staff also offer Healing and Tarot/Oracle/Angel sessions. You can read about these sessions here.

We also run Spiritual development and Crystal workshops with details here. And you can subscribe to Newsletter from the Home page to keep up to date with when they are scheduled.