Moldavite Tektites – a very special crystal

POST buy real Moldavite tektite crystals from Czech Republic

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a green tektite from the Czech Republic. This means a meteorite either hit the earth or came so close to the earth that the soil, plants, and rocks were thrown up in the air. They melted and then cooled into crystals when they landed back to earth. Hence, they hold the energies of the stars. There are other tektites including the black Chinese or Tibetan tektite and yellow Libyan Desert Glass. Because these formed over larger parts of the planet they are more plentiful. They also seem less energetic to most people and not so popular. Hence they are both less expensive.

Because moldavite is only found in a small location it means there is not a lot of them. And we have been told by the suppliers that in the past the miners could grab a handful of soil and find half a dozen or more crystals in their hands. But these days they must look a lot longer just to find one piece. They were already getting scarce with prices already doubling in two before the Covid-19 effect. Then it became difficult for anyone to go into the mines and supply became even scarcer. And if this was not enough to create a worldwide scarcity, a TikTok personality talked about the benefits of this stone and suddenly a whole generation of young people wanted to try it themselves.

Update 14-10-21: Moldavite prices have gone up again since we bought our supply that you see on the website. One vendor’s newsletter advised that China was buying all supply from the main miner. We are aware of Chinese investors doing this with other stones to force prices up so they can sell later for extra $$. Or they put slivers in glass and claim it is real as they have done for many years with amber.

Update 1-12-21 We finally were offered re-supply this month – a very small group of large size and with another 25% increase. This is now too expensive to subsidize so once our current stock goes, that is it. Like the real Super Seven crystals, we won’t buy again as it will only be fakes or “look-a-likes”. The faking is very good these days and we have more and more customers reporting they bought off the internet what were called “real” only to feel how dead they were.

Issues of Fakes

Of course, all of this has made faking a real risk for buyers off the Internet. All of those people who have not developed empathic skills to feel the energy of a crystal are extra vulnerable.

Because of the melting and cooling, they are a natural glass like obsidian. This is why they are easy to man-make. And it is worthwhile to synthesis as the stones are expensive. I suspect the ones in China are either leftover chips from making jewellery melted and cooled. Or maybe they are just outright glass with no moldavite at all. Certainly the colour of these man-made pieces are the wrong colour although overtime they may get that correct. The pieces we have felt from customers who had bought off the Internet unknowing of fakes, were “dead” in energy. Ok, they were not completely dead because even glass holds energy.

Energy of Moldavite

Moldavite is an extremely strong crystal to hold especially when you have the one that’s right for you. When I first began a spiritual path and crystals where to be part of that I was unable to feel crystals. Frustrated I asked my guides to help me breakthrough and I went on a one-day course about crystals. The teacher intuited a crystal for each of us to hold as we kept our eyes closed as she talked about them. After 10 minutes of holding my crystal, I opened my eyes and said to her I could not hold it anymore it was burning my hand. She laughed and said I had the strongest crystal in the room. It was a small moldavite. And I discovered I could feel many other crystals after that awakening. I become more attuned to the energy of crystals ever since.

My belief is that this tektite is especially good for those old souls who have been here for many, many lifetimes and lost the connection to the stars. Of course, this is the time for that re connexion to take place as our consciousness grows and we start to connect to the other levels of our soul. This is why, some people may have no attraction to it at all – because they are newer to our planet.

Also, there is a timing to getting any crystal. And this is a little bit my concern over the TikTok situation. It is causing some people to  buy-and-try them when it’s not really their time for that development. Again, I suspect they are the ones who will not find the crystal will do as much for them as is often talked about. However, never throw yours away! In fact with the price increases it’s certainly an investment for you to sell!  But you may just need to wait six months or a year, and suddenly it’s absolutely the crystal you need for your spiritual growth.

How You Should Select One

So, what would I say about buying moldavite now? Firstly, beware of the fakes. If it is cheap, it is not the real thing. Because of the scarcity prices have gone through the roof.

To check that a certain moldavite tektite is the one for you link to it via the photograph. Feel if you have an emotional connection to it. If you start to cry and/or your heart opens in a beautiful way, then that is a sign.

For those who are not empathic, the crystal should just seem right when you look at it. You should be having good thoughts about it. Even if the thoughts are that you have not the courage to face what it wants to help you let go of, that can still be the sign that it will help you with your development.

A sign I always use when people are not sure: “If the crystal was sold tomorrow and you had not bought it, would you be upset or quite OK to buy something else.” If you can feel you are upset at the idea, then that’s lovely green tektite is yours.

However please be careful and ensure that in buying something that is expensive, you have the money to pay and not cause yourself financial distress later. That undoes the good work of the moldavite.

Taking Care When Using This Tektite

And finally, because moldavite can be a very strong energy for most people, you may only be able to wear it for 10 minutes at a time for a few days. Then you may be able to wear it for half an hour for another week. And slowly overtime you attune to it so you can wear it all day. This is perfectly normal. However the TikTok person suggests you wear it “full on”, in order to create very rapid transformation. That becomes a decision that you make as to which way you want to work with moldavite.

Longer term you won’t feel it as strongly because you have become attuned to it but that does not mean it is still not working for you. And there will also be times that you may not wear it for six months because your period of growth that this crystal offers has completed. And then in six months you may find yourself wearing it again intensely for a period before putting it aside. This is normal for all crystals.

The main thing is not to wear it all the time. Your body does need a break from moldavite so I recommend that you do not sleep with it at night so your body can move the energies around and benefit the whole body.

Wearing any crystal too much can be a reason the crystal breaks or becomes lost, in order to not overwhelm your body and cause other health problems.

Wearing Them In A Spiral

While I suggested to people to place in a spiral in the past, the cost of this crystal has become so high I am asking you to think again. That you need to be VERY careful as some spirals are quite soft and bendy. Should you catch them on something then you could have the crystal fall out. It may become damaged or you may not see it go missing at all so lost forever.

Images and Videos of Moldavite

Here are a series of videos showing the wide range of shapes that moldavite tektites can come in:

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