Do I Need To Believe In Energy For Healing to Work?

Interestingly you do not need to understand or actually believe energy healing works. All that is required is that you have an open mind. That means you accept that there may be things that exist beyond your logical mind, eyesight, and education. And you give yourself permission for healing and change to take place for you with the assistance of the therapist, in this case me.

It works even more deeply if you are reflect, accept and release the old thoughts, beliefs and patterns that have been limiting you.

If you think it is a placebo effect – does it matter? As long as it helps you, right?

Personally I do not believe it is a placebo effect. It’s just that the Western culture has been closed off from this type of assistance for various reasons over its history. It’s been well accepted as fact in many Eastern and other philosophies for thousands of years.

In Australia today new clinics and hospitals are being set up to combine Western and Eastern medical techniques. In other countries they have been doing this for many years.