More About Energy Healing

Please explain more about what is “energy healing or spiritual counselling”

We are not just a physical body made up of cells. We also live inside an energy field called an aura said to be made up of several layers called Soul, etheric, mental, emotional, physical and so on. Different spiritual groups called them different names. It penetrates into all of our cells.

Our Aura

Kirilian photography can photograph some of the aura which is an electromagnetic field extending typically 3 metres around healthy people. This makes it visual to those of us who cannot see it or cannot scan to “feel” it.

There is an additional technique (name unknown) that shows how the other layers of the aura appearing which you find at mind-body-spirit shows. I don’t know how it works.but its definitely getting useful information visually. I’ll put some sample up in the future.

How your “photograph” or aura looks will be different between individuals and even it will look different across different days. This is because it is translating the energy frequencies it picks up into colour, and these frequencies change day to day. Why? Because the energy of our thoughts, emotions and physical health change day to day.

Most of us can see our inner most energy body … ever noticed a yellow or blue outline around a person standing up against a white wall? Well you just saw the etheric body.

Does our mental and emotional state affect our health?

What we think and what emotions we hold is what we create. What anecdotally has been said by many, in reality can be seen energetically. People with extra sensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance) can read/hear/feel/know what is in your aura – the thoughts and emotions you carry about yourself and the world (which can be a very unpleasant experience for them!)

So the mental and emotional suffering we carry consciously and subconsciously creates our situations of:

  • financial stress (“I don’t deserve to get paid much”);
  • relationship conflict (“I am not lovable”);
  • health problems (“Its too painful to face my fear of … so I’ll comfort myself with cake”);
  • and so on.

If the energies are not clear then the body will send early messages that a part of it is being affected, for example you may get a cold, rash or an allergy. Unfortunately untrained in the West, we ignore the message and maybe take a drug. If the energy for example, of anger and irritability, is not expressed in a healthy way, it cannot move out of the body and typically the area we hold onto anger is in our liver. Ever heard the old expression “gee isn’t he liverish?” This means “doesn’t he have a disagreeable disposition, irritable?”… so someone noticed that anger affect the liver a long time ago!

Do you have sore knees or feet? This may well mean that a part of you is fearing taking steps forward and planting your feet firmly on a new path. There are books about the link of how our fears create our aches and pains.

Why does Energy Healing Work?

So energy healing works on clearing the energies you don’t want. Different modalities work on different levels. For example, acupuncture work on the etheric level to clear the energies that are causing the liver to shut down or the neck to ache.

Emotional healing will help you release yourself from emotional pain and suffering. The healer helps you identify the real reason that caused the body to fear a feeling for example, of grief, that then got trapped causing you to find yourself reliving the pain over and over and the body to start hurting. The healer will help you understand with new clarity why it occurred so you can release it lovingly and completely.

Mental healing helps you to clear mind chatter, negative thought patterns, old beliefs and fears that cause you to create what you don’t want in your life instead of what you do want. And if you don’t know what you want, to give you the mental peace so that you can start to reconnect to who you are and what you dream of.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing works with you to understand, heal, and if necessary, release relationships you have with others and with yourself. This includes family, past partners, work colleagues, and “God”/”Spirit”. Understanding the dynamics of how we interact with each other can lead to dramatic changes in how we see the world and ourselves allowing us to let go burdens, grief and loneliness we have been feeling caught in for years. Sometimes discovering a fear we not known the cause of and is identified as coming in from a past life can be a huge relief – “I’m not crazy then?!” If you don’t believe in past lives, then just substitute “symbolic life lesson”.

When working with my Healing Team, I bring through concentrated energy to clear blocks, repair energetic plates, activate chakras and expand the quality of the energy you carry. Concentrated energy called frequency works quicker and more effectively. My training and working with lots of clients has allowed my body to hold over time higher and higher levels of frequency. Here Qala Sri’ama talks about frequency on You-tube.