Need a light for your room, consider a beautiful crystal lamp to offer a lovely decorative look, happy colour and healing help. Natural Selenite and Himalayan Salt Lamps are the most desired because of their happy glow.

Please note that in February 2020 the law was changed in regards to salt lamps:

  1.  Salt lamps over 5 kg can no longer be sold
  2.  Cables must upgrade to a more water proof cable

The time for change over to the new changes is July 1 so shops could clear stock. We have added a seal to all cables to partly get them closer to the new regulations while we wait for cable producers to upgrade and start selling their new range.

Once the new cables come in the price of salt lamps will increase as they are more complex cables to produce.

As of May 31 we have a few salt lamps at about 5.2kg left at the shops and they are on sale to move them. We will not sell them over the internet.

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Products 1 - 6 from 6. Products on page