Get the Right Bracelet size for your Wrist

As people’s wrist size vary, we are a unique shop in that we offer 5 wrist sizes as standard which should meet the needs of 99% of kids and adults. These are child, small, medium, large and x-large. If you are an 2x-large then you can buy bracelet enlargers, click here to view.

About The Beads

  • Unfortunately our suppliers’ bead supplier is not consistent in diameter sizing and so from batch to batch, the bead diameter can vary +/-1 mm.
  • Also they cannot always get exact “20 cm end-to-end” as I request. So it may be 19.5 to 20.5 cm. Usually they err to 20.5 cm. That is why two bracelets can feel a bit different.
  • I only re-photograph stock if the look of the bracelets has changed a lot.
  • I do my best to show accurate colours but the sun’s light affect varies through the day and the seasons. Also some crystals do not photograph well.
  • The bead itself can have their own quirks (mini cave on one side, a bit “flat”, etc . And they will vary in shade and tones within a bracelet. Remember they are natural!
  • Like all our crystals, you will receive an information card(s) about the healing properties of the bracelet(s) you buy.

About the Elastic

  • 95 % of the bracelets will come with the stronger clear elastic
  • Due to customers buying preferences some bracelets (e.g. rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine) have gone back to being coloured elastic.
  • To help you distinguish the “black” crystals they have different colours: Onyx (clear), Black Tourmaline (black), Black Obsidian (dark green).
  • You can buy repair elastic, but if you buy four or more bracelets in one go, we add the clear elastic for free.
  • Moisturisers, sun tan lotion, perfume, do reduce the life of the elastic.
  • Do not wear bracelets when doing sports like tennis, jogging, .. the beads are fine but the elastic doesn’t cope with the strain.

* * Chart is at bottom of page, but please read the following to help give you an idea of who our “typical buyer” is. * *

The Sizes Offered

  • Child wrist

    • Usually fits children aged 4 to 8 years old.
    • Also some 9 year olds and the occasional woman with unusually slim wrists.
  • Small wrist

    • Usually fits slim wrist ladies, tween-agers and teenagers.
    • Those who were going to wear three 8 or 10 mm at the same time, would consider buying small x2 and a medium.
  • Medium wrist

    • This typically fits most ladies (including slim wrist who like their bracelets loose)
    • Also suits men with slim wrists.
    • Those who were going to wear three 8 or 10 mm at the same time, would consider buying medium x 2 and a large.
  • Large wrist

    • This typically fits most men and those ladies with bigger wrists than average.
    • Or medium wrist ladies who like their bracelets loose.
  • Extra Large Wrist

    • Occasionally we had men and women where even the large was too tight. We now have a reasonable “ready-to-buy” range.
    • Occasionally even this size was not big enough – then you can buy Bracelet Enlargers, click here to view. Else give me a wrist measurement, bead, and I will see if I can make one up.

About Nugget Bracelets

  • For nugget bead bracelets: use 8mm as a guide, but they will be a bit looser, however they look better loose than tight.

Measuring Wrist Size

I recommend getting another person to use a RIBBON of about 0.5 cm to measure your wrist. You can see I used a tape measure but honestly, it was NOT a good way as too wide. Let someone else hold the ribbon to measure else you may pull too tight.

Remember what you are using to measure and where you are taking the measurement, affects your “group”. 90% of customers are ok, it’s the tricky decision when you are border-line. I suggest going up a size except in the 6 mm diameter.

6mm are a looser fit as the beads are smaller, so if you like a “tight” fit for your bracelets:

  • many medium wrist sized ladies (8mm, 10mm) did find they liked Small in 6 mm
  • many large wrist sized ladies (8mm, 10mm) liked 6 mm medium,
  • etc.

I wear medium wrist bracelets. The tape measure says 17 cm but you can see it is pulled tight (I had no one to help me) so really I am 17.5 cm.

measuring wrist size
Measuring wrist size for bracelet when bracelet will be low on the arm.
measuring wrist size
Measuring wrist size for bracelet when bracelet will be higher up the arm.

Some customers wear 3 or 4 bracelets at the same time. Your “wrist” gets bigger further up the arm. In which case you can see further up my wrist I am 19 cm which means I would need a large wrist size bracelet to wear up here. Buying a mix of medium and large in different crystals would perhaps be a good solution.

PAGE wearing a bracelet too small
This is me wearing a small wrist bracelet on my wrist.

What To Do If Wrong Size

  • As we are on-line only, and postage price is silly in Australia, we have done all we can to get you the right information.
    • So consider giving the “wrong size” as a gift to someone (they will love them) and then buy the right size.
    • Some customers buy different sizes in first order to try them out as they know they can give the others away.
  • If too big:
    • Use a smaller bracelet to hold the larger one further up the wrist.
    • Click here to watch a video of how to make smaller if you have nimble fingers.
  • You are on the border of, say, SMALL and MEDIUM: If it’s Winter, consider going up to Medium as in Summer when your wrist swells, a tight bracelet is unpleasant.

If you clicked "SIZE CHART" button then read this:

There is a comprehensive discussion about how to measure your wrist, considerations, "typical buyer" guide lines, photos and so on in a separate article. CLICK HERE to read it, as I recommend you read will learn a lot if you read it first.

This chart is a guide, I will be doing a better set of guidelines now that I have this chart, once back from my surgery.

Wrist Size Bead Size 6mm 8mm 10mm
- Diameter Range: 5.5mm to 7mm 7.7mm to 9mm 9.5mm to 11mm
Child End to End approx 15 cm n/a n/a
Child Wrist Diameter max 14.5 cm - -
Small End to End approx 17 cm approx 17 cm approx 18.5 cm
Small Wrist Diameter - max 16 cm -
Medium End to End approx 18 cm approx 18.5 cm approx 19 cm
Medium Wrist Diameter - approx 17.5 cm -
Large End to End approx 19 cm approx 20 cm approx 21 cm
Large Wrist Diameter - max 19 cm -
Extra Large (XL) End to End approx 20 cm approx 21 cm approx 22 cm
Extra Large (XL) Wrist Diameter - max 20 cm -