So what is a Master Crystal? Selecting and activating healing crystals.

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Over the years I have had questions from those walking a spiritual path as a healer, medium, reader and for personal growth about the “important” crystal they feel the call to find. This is what is known as finding your Master Crystal.

From Master Channel, Qala Sri’ama Phoenix

“I have received some emails and phone calls with some questions about master crystals in the last few days so I felt to write to you all. The size, beloveds, is through your guidance…. I recommend something of a good length (like selenite wands (40 cm x 8cm) or a minimum size quartz (at least 10-15 cm high and wide).

The larger the crystal or group of crystals though, the large the current can be supported to ground through the session. As each master crystal supports the grounding of the current in the room – otherwise your body does this and the current can be very large and take quite a while to get used to beloveds.

Therefore if you are able to I would recommend largest crystal(s) that you can carry easily but are large enough to ground a very large current. Consider the current you want to ground in the room when connecting to master crystals. The quality needs to be as high as possible or otherwise it will need to be even larger.

As you grow as practitioners you will no doubt gather crystals who will love to be liberated from crystal warehouses and join you in the anchoring of beautiful currents of energy into the earth.

Activating the Crystals

As you receive the master crystals (you may bring more than one if you wish), after cleansing it, please clear it internally by calling to the spirit and Deva of the crystal – invite it to support you in this sacred work of support the energy to anchor into the earth through your sessions. Ask if they would be willing to help anchor a temple of pure love and light and work in co-operation with the family of light to assist all beings on earth.

Channel love into the centre of the crystal to ignite its heart flame , and ask if it would like to connect back to its original vein it came from. Call to your God Presence and the Masters and ask that they support this crystal now reconnect to the original vein of crystal ( its family ) it birthed from within the earth. Let it know that the energy of the temple will also ground through the leilines of wherever the work is done and be transmitted back to its original crystal line and offer healing and energy to its family. Ask if it would be willing to forgive humanity for taking it from its home, and as a divine emissary let it know that after the years of service it provides, once it has grown in energy …that you will bury it in a special place in ceremony back in the earth.

As a practitioner of Ease [Qala’s healing modality], this crystal must be aware you will hold to this, so it can truly be at ease with its service to the Family of Light and Mother Earth. Once your agreement is made with the crystals, bless it with beautiful prayers for its crystal family and for its service by placing both your hands on the crystal and channelling God’s love into it, and down through it into the earth core. You may need to sound into the crystal from your heart to support it to open fully to becoming a master crystal for your sacred work as an Ease practitioner.

Beloveds, some receive very large crystals and others smaller than this – the heart connection is the most important thing between you and the crystal. So you are needing to make this contact through this ceremony. Also a crystal too small will not anchor the energy and therefore your body will be grounding the current without assistance. This ultimately is not important for your training, yet as your current grows as a practitioner, it will be very important for you work with master crystals as your body can be effected by the current otherwise and it can feel too much for your body to ground.

Hope this helps you all find what is your master crystal(s).”

Of course, I, Shamarah, am able to assist you to find yours if it is one of our shops. And I can give you insights about what it is specifically wanting to help you with.

POST Master Crystals
Master Crystals – Selenite. Large selenite ruler – perfect for under the healing table


POST Master Crystals
Master Crystals – Clear Quartz Generatoris

Personally, my Master Crystal is actually a large nartural citrine similar to the featured photo.

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