Unsafe Crystals – Toxicity

bumble jasper tumble and heart from Pakistan

This is just a quick post to dump some ideas re toxicity that suppliers are not telling you about and/or deliberately hiding under new names. I will be creating a video series in the future coving fakes, treatment and false names.

Bumble Bee Jasper

bumble jasper heart and tumble

These forms are made from a crystal called Bumble Bee Jasper. We offer a heart and a tumble. This is sold by many companies NOT advising people of the toxicity issues of it.

I love the colour of orpiment banding with the jasper layers. That yellow-orange makes it the most noticeable crystal in your collection. Pity it’s one you have to take care of. Its toxicity means it is ONLY for adults and to be kept where it can be kept safe. Here is why:

  • photo sensitive
  • water sensitive
  • arsenic i.e. a toxin

Orpiment is an arsenic sulphide mineral which forms in low temperature hydrothermal veins and volcanic hot springs. Orpiment is a striking gem-like crystal which is photosensitive. Collections of Orpiment should be kept from direct sunlight and stored in dry light proof containers.

The crystal helps speed up recovery from disease and injury. I love how it promotes the development of ideas, innocence, intimacy, and investigations. It helps to aid in understanding and removing mental blocks.

Bumble Bee jasper therefore should be handled with care due to the arsenic content. Always wash hands after handling, avoid inhaling dust and never ingest or lick.


Chrysotile Tumble Bags

It is being renamed as lizardskin or snakeskin serpentine among other names to hide it – very distinctive patterns of dark green and white layers. The white is the asbestos.

I was advised that it is illegal to sell in Australia however if there is a professional like a geologist or chemist who is allowed to work with this crystal – I do have bags to give you which came into being because they were removed from the general small tumble mix bought from Brazil so they did not end up in the hands of children.

The banding is white is asbestos and the green is serpentine.

Homoeopathically having a small amount of asbestos against the body can be beneficial. It is up to you as to whether you feel safe handling it.

It is said asbestos polished is safe. If broken dispose of carefully.

Healing Properties of Chrysotile (asbestos/chloride, Chrysotite)

“Banded Chrysotile may be used as a divination tool; the visual patterns may provide a link to ancient knowledge and access to ones power animal. This mineral has been used in telepathic endeavours both sending and receiving messages, and can be used to bring a bonding action between one and the object of ones desires. When the need is fulfilled, one can easily release the object of desire. It instils honesty and sincerity and the energy of Chrysotile assist one in finding the “true self” by clearing away blockages. It may assist one to release control over others while creating a sense of your own self worth…Chrysotile may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. It is a useful stone for gridding, as Chrysotile facilitates the knowledge and acceptance that each event that occurs is Divine timing and always for the highest good.” Raven Crystals website

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