Using something to help the mind meditate

Selenite Palm Stones

Sometimes closing your eyes and meditating is just too hard. You mind wants to keep chattering to you.

So bring an object to your session to work with. Something that your eyes can rest on makes it much easier start to a session as your eyes can help distract your thoughts.

If you love crystals then look at your collection and pick one that seems to call to be used this meditation. It will give you extra support from its healing energies. I wish I knew about crystals and especially selenite when I was learning to meditate. It would have made things a whole lot easier to focus on its beauty. And selenite opens and clears your mental energy which would have been wonderful to quieten my buys mind!

If you love flowers, have a favourite statue or photo or even a favourite piece of food then bring that in with you. Bring in anything that will bring you to a place of happiness and peace… bring that to your session and let your eyes rest on it. And no, do NOT eat the food. If you are craving it – it will NOT assist you – leave it in the kitchen!

So just gently following your breath, feeling it going in and out with your eyes looking on this object you’ve brought with you. If it’s in your hands, let your hands really feel it. And through this visual (and textual) aid release the worries of the day. Release all the to-do lists. Let go.

Don’t judge your mind if it distracts back to something to worry about, be angry about, be distracted with. Just breathe the thought away and comeback to being with the object you’ve brought with you.

As you feel the mind calm and become one with this object you’re working with. As the object supports you to release the thoughts and difficult emotions, then you may come to a time where you can let go the object is well. Just stop seeing it. Stop feeling it. And come to a deeper sense of peace within yourself – just you and your breath.

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