Why are so many crystals said to be “grounding”?

First let’s discuss what grounding is. Sometimes when we are worried, stressed, feeling life is quite tough. We spend so much time in our head, so much time really not enjoying walking the planet that it is if we are not in our physical body. We notice that it is if all our energy is at or above our head and in extreme cases we feel very spaced out unable to function. Friends will often comment that we are talking very fast comment and that our eyes are darting around.

Grounding is where our energy comes back into our body and down into feet. We feel more peaceful, loving and able to make wise choices in life, as well as being balanced in our viewpoints including accepting that time out/letting go is important for our health too.

So why do so many crystals have the healing property of �assists you to ground”? Well recently I was feeling very spaced out – didn’t seem real reason for it, although I had been overwhelmed. And I asked my guides what crystal to help. I was not taken to the usual crystals of haematite, smoky quartz or Jaspers. I was in fact taken to Garnet and 10 minutes after putting it on, I noticed my heart had expanded very beautifully. I did feel back in the body, loving, my energy had returned to my body, and I was able to move forward in a really lovely way with the day.

That day one of our Internet customers also placed an order for Garnet, Ruby and crimson Mookaite. I asked her by e-mail why she had felt drawn to these crystals and she responded that she had been feeling spacey and that these crystals would help. I found it interesting. All of these crystals were a red crimson colour. All of them are known for their heart activating properties.

This was a real �ah ha� moment that the energies that were happening around us that week were ones that required our hearts to open more than what they were currently open to. In wearing these crystals we had such a lovely heart opening that so much more of our energy came in that that week and we started to enjoy life at a new level.

In discussing these events with customers later in the week, many commented that they were now in the shop wanting to buy a crystal because they had been feeling spacey and each one I found myself intuiting Garnet or Ruby as well. Over the next two week several others comments that they are been drawn also to wearing garnet and ruby.

So why do I want to share this with you? Up till then I had been puzzled by so many crystals were marked is grounding. I had really intuitive haematite and others that people thinking that grounding purely meant opening the base chakra so that you could connect better to the energies of the planet. This was my first experience of discovering that sometimes other chakras were closed and that had created the block to us being fully in our bodies. Hence why sometimes other crystals were helpful to grounding as they could open these are the chakras.

But what I found really special was that this grounding had actually not come from any of us doing anything that was us closing our energies or doing something �wrong�. That the spacey-ness was in fact was coming from the planet doing a major upgrade to us all and asking people to open/activate their hearts more. That to receive this energy needed deeper heart-felt acceptance of ourselves walking the planet so that the new and special energy to support us could ground and more of All That I Am to become present in our lives.

Alamedine Garnet

Alamedine Garnet

Purple Crimson Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite – Australian Jasper


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