Shamarah at The Rock Crystal Shop has been once again guided by Spirit to start sharing her insights about life, personal development and spirituality.

Workshops about how Crystals assist with this and how to use them more deeply are the first set of to start being taught at Crows Nest:

  1. The Joy Of Crystals (and Healing)
  2. Discover Crystals, Energy and Spirituality
  3. Fun With Gridding
  4. Going Deeper to Develop Your Link to Crystals, Healing and Personal/Spiritual/Psychic Development
  5. Healing With Crystals – Personal and Family

Shamarah says, “After several years of building the business and anchoring my healing skills, Spirit now guides me back to my heart passion – to teach. And no surprise, I am starting with workshops all focused around growing your relationship with the crystals. My work is to help you on your personal development and spirtual path to a happier you. And the crystals are our greatest helpers along the way for those of us who from a young age loved to pick up rocks along the paths we walked. Come and join with like minded people to share the joy of crystals and the deeper connection you can have with them.”Ready to Check Dates and Book?

Book Here: New schedule for 2020 coming