Healing Properties of Albite

Also called: Clevelandite
  • Spiritual stone of initiation and transformation.
  • Increases intuitive perception and broadens visions, horizons and life.
  • Improves perception facilities at all levels.
  • Great to have during profound life changes so you can move forward with balance and life affirming focus.
  • Encourages wise planning.
  • Release deep feelings of abandonment, rejection and betrayal so move to self-nurture.
  • Said to increase physical flexibility and healthy skin.

It is often found with other crystals such as:

+ Tourmaline: dissipates grief and blocked emotions. Improves tolerance, sociability and harmony. Blocks other people’s energies. + Lepidolite: offers inner peace, protects from external influences, helps concentration, frees from distractions. + Smoky Quartz: eases tension, grounds knowledge into wisdom, enhances rational, pragmatic and realistic thought. + Citrine: increases joy of life, self-esteem, self-worth, understanding absorbed impressions and abundance.