Enjoy selecting from our wonderful range of crystals.

Unless otherwise stated, all our crystals are 100% natural, in being grown and coloured by Mother Nature. This includes those that are shaped and polished as pieces or set as jewellery.

If they are not completely natural you will see the words “colour-added” or “man-made glass” or “composite” or similar in the main description. We do our best to keep on top of fakes and treated items.

We do sell bonded (e.g. aura quartz), coloured (e.g. dyed agate) even synthetic (e.g. Opalite moonstone) if we believe it has energetic assistance, but we do declare it.

Note that some crystals are “stabilised” by the miners/manufactures to stop colour loss or chipping e.g. turquoise and this is standard industry practice. We try to advise where we know of it.

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