More About Intuitive Healing Session

The session often includes past life and ancestral insights. All of which are also cleared and upgraded to better vibrations too. Also practical insights and “to dos” to bring about positive change also may come through to guide you further. Please bring a phone as many sessions are worth experiencing again at home to maximise your growth.

Benefits people have experienced

  • Release of old energy and disconnection that was causing chronic fatigue or depression coming from stagnant family patterns about how life should be lived. From this release then comes a refilling of the body’s internal “batteries”;
  • Cleansing of thought patterns and wounds that caused low confidence, poor self esteem and even suicidal feelings. This also brought acceptance and appreciation of themselves;
  • Reduction of the pain, anger and sabotaging mental thoughts around abuse so they felt freer in spirit;
  • Release of unconscious beliefs, emotional wounds and sabotaging patterns that blocked financial and romantic success, leading to significantly less back pain;
  • Reduction and even dissipation of guilt and worry about what others were saying when the client wanted to move in a non-conventional direction, including past life stories involving those in judgement.
  • People notice that there is more harmony in the home and no sense of “something is there that shouldn’t be”.
  • Clients have had unexpected lovely experiences during or after the sessions, re-discovering themselves as they feel their energy lighten and fill again. They also then enjoyed reporting back how their relationships with others are transformed.