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We offer assistance in several unique ways in addition to selling crystals to you through an online store and at physical shops. Here’s how..

Shops Crystal Intuitive Service

Part of our shop service is we love to talk about the crystals. This includes where they come from, quality and grades, anecdotes from the seller, and other tit-bits. For those who believe in the healing properties of crystals, we can intuit crystals for Your. This may be needed if you find yourself uncertain or confused by choice! We can help you by connecting to your guidance to find those that meet your needs for yourself or those you want to give them to. This can also be done for web buyers once you have bought some crystals from us by placing an order on-line so we know you are genuine.

Personal Healing Services

Assisting you with understanding, acceptance and nurturing. And onwards to helping you to create a successful life! The most popular are personal energy healing and improving the home’s energy but we offer others.

Intuitive Energy Healing

… with sound, past life, family and other insights

This is a fully channelled healing with higher frequencies, movement, insights and sound. The channel comes from the Our Healing Team, Which includes Angels, Enlightened Masters and Divine Presences. The work is done beyond just the main chakras and the Auric energy bodies. This is particularly amazing for spiritual aspirants and light workers who have already done a lot of healing of the seven primary chakra / energy bodies. It often includes past life and ancestral insights. All of which are also cleared and upgraded to better vibrations too. Bring a phone as many sessions are worth doing (back at your home) several times to maximise your growth.

Session cost is $110. Location: Crows Nest. Phone (02) 8068 2668 to book appointment.

Benefits people have experienced

  • Release of old energy and disconnection that was causing chronic fatigue or depression coming from stagnant family patterns about how life should be lived. From this release then comes a refilling of the body’s internal “batteries”;
  • Cleansing of thought patterns and wounds that caused low confidence, poor self esteem and even suicidal feelings. This also brought acceptance and appreciation of themselves;
  • Reduction of the pain, anger and sabotaging mental thoughts around abuse so they felt freer in spirit;
  • Release of unconscious beliefs, emotional wounds and sabotaging patterns that blocked financial and romantic success, leading to significantly less back pain;
  • Reduction and even dissipation of guilt and worry about what others were saying when the client wanted to move in a non-conventional direction, including past life stories involving those in judgement.
  • People notice that there is more harmony in the home and no sense of “something is there that shouldn’t be”.
  • Clients have had unexpected lovely experiences during or after the sessions, re-discovering themselves as they feel their energy lighten and fill again. They also then enjoyed reporting back how their relationships with others are transformed.

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Counselling or Mentoring Assistance

While I am not a trained counsellor or mentor I have a bucket load of life experience. And myself have been to those offering these services over the years. One of the issues with spirituality is the lack of teachers out there without being enrolled on a formal course. Many have found great insight and relief from discussions with me, Shamarah, but need some formal private time so we can go deeper.

Sessions are $60 per half hour.

Healing and Blessing Of Your Home or Office

Together we can help shift out old and bring in new energies to support you. To keep costs down, I channel information at the shop to what is affecting the energies – which can be a surprising range of “things”. And you receive the information about the crystals, placements and other techniques needed to create the healthy space you want.

Sessions are $60 per half hour although you may get a partial or full refundable depending on the value of the crystal you buy from us to do this work.

Do you want to know more about me or healings?

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