What is Energy or Spiritual Healing?

Energy healing brings your body, mind, emotional state and spirit back into harmony and vitality.

What is the purpose?

Energy healing works on cleansing the mind-emotion-body-spirit disconnection and imbalance, which practitioners believe creates disease.

People have benefited in all manner of ways and there is no judgement around who you are or what you have done. These therapies work along side traditional medical support and other complimentary health care. Reiki is a well known form of energy therapy but there are lots of wonderful modalities these days.

The aim is to help you take back your power and bring happiness and peace into your life. And along the way you will find physical aches and pains will lessen or even clear way completely. It is also called Spiritual healing or Holistic healing.

It is scientifically acknowledged now that disease is “dis-ease” from emotional stories and belief systems that limit us. Did you know that having low acceptance of ourselves, others and the situations around us contract your energy? The mind trying to protect us unfortunately puts an energetic “clamp” in place in the part of our body reacting to the limitation.

If we have contracted ourselves then the cells (nerves, muscles, organs …) get sick and give pain. This occurs when our cells do not get the full benefit of receiving energy from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the sunlight that shines on us, the love that another sends us, etc  And if the contraction occurs long enough cells become diseased.

So what is a healing?

Energy healing is a natural skill we all have but have forgotten, been not trained, or have supressed. An energy healer choses to retrain and expand those senses and skills. An energy healing is energy is directed through touch/sight/sound to “break down” the old energy, releasing the contractions the client has created (or inherited) though in their energy field.

And as a session occurs the therapist receives information so that the client’s mind can release their limitation permanently. Or if too great a stretch, then at least the min will turn down the volume on the pattern. This allows ease to return to that part of the physical and energy body:

  • Kick start again your physical body if it lacks vitality such as after depression
  • Give you new emotional balance such as in a relationship where there had been emotional pain
  • Allows the mind to become more calm, acceptance and clarity such as when you stop fearing failure.