Testimonials For Joy Workshops

Testimonials for the Joy of Crystals and Healing

All students in the first workshops ticked the box for “Value for money and time” as “Worthwhile and right length”.

“Many thanks for an enlightening course on the depth and variety of experiences and knowledge held by crystals. Appreciate your efforts Shamarah to help teach us all!” Kate

“I’m astounded by Shamarah’s depth to breath of knowledge. Quite extraordinary.” No name

“Thank you Shamarah – a wonderful insight into crystals and their world. Looking forward to the next development.” Cheers – Kate

“A very lovely experience with Shamarah. I definitely learnt a lot of new things I haven’t been aware of. My energy and knowledge have shifted and I will be using my crystals in new ways that I haven’t considered ” Tom K

“Wonderful course” – No name

“The workshop was full of useful information and practice guides. The handouts are just a bonus. Thank you. – K.G
I enjoyed the workshop. A good introduction to crystals and interesting exercises.” Diana

“A really great first course. Very helpful and informative. I will be back. Thank you” Kathylee

“Absolutely loved this course. Collected fabulous basic and intro knowledge. Excellent balance of practical experiences. Really effective and cant wait for next one. Thank you.” – No name

“Thank you Shamarah, really enjoyed my first workshop about crystals and different ways to use them. Being an experienced crystal lover even the Intro level is exactly what I have been missing for years – to connect more with the crystals.” CP

“”I am interested to learn more.” DK

“Loved the workshop, energy was amazing and the course exceeded my expectation. Loved the way Shamarah presented and the knowledge she shared.” RS

“Very interesting. I am looking forward to the next workshop.” Christina

“It was a good mix of logical, spiritual and emotional teachings. Having been introduced to crystals in the past, there was still a lot of new information that was taken from the session. Interactive and timeframe was good. There was a good feel to the small class.” Melissa