Welcome To Learning More About Crystals

Here are the links to the various social media and web sites available to buy and learn about crystals from The Rock Crystal Shop and Crystal Experiences.

We are creating a new world in mid 2023 of crystal experiences through the Shop brand and Shamarah’s new work.

Generally more and more information about crystals and their use is going out via social media this year. Both are taking you deeper into getting more from these amazing creations of Mother Nature.

I will be finding my feet as to how to video, edit, and make the information interesting and relevant. So please allow for wobbles in my information and technique.

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Crystal Experiences with Shamarah (new May 2023):
  • YouTube – the primary source for information
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • People have suggested podcasts, zoom events and so on … so all possible in the future and these will be announced via the above channels.

I have been guided to create a new crystal-connection teaching platform which is called Crystal Experiences with Shamarah.

This business is focused through social media with a main roll out in October 2023. It will go in-depth into crystals and using them and will include Zoom event in time.

So this was the reason I was guided to move out of serving customers at Crows Nest this year except when staff are on holidays, And why Newtown closed to reduce the stress of running multiple shops.

Now slowly, I can focus on sharing the wisdom I have done many years one-on-one with customers onto a one-to-many sharing. To spark the specialness and happiness in you through the power of Crystal help. Many customers have been encouraging me to do this. I did run courses years ago until Spirit asked me to stop to develop other aspects of myself. Now they guide me back to this path.

Please note that I will not be offering one-to-one advice / healing sessions. It is group work from now on. It will keep costs down for you and be more fun!

Look forward to seeing you at the events and through subscribing/following Crystal Experiences.

Best Regards and Namaste,