Closing Down – Why and What Next

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Hi there,

I’m Shamarah and I am the owner of The Rock Crystal Shop along with my husband Graham.

From now on we are only on-line for sales.

And I will expand from educating one-on-one in the shop about using crystal effectively and with joy to an audience of you via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Links in the blog about Crystal Experiences,

I thought that because many of you made connections with us beyond buying a “rock at the shop”, I thought you may like to know why we arrived at this point and where you might like to go with me next.

Why Are We Closing The Bricks-and-Mortar Shop?

17 years ago, I started to sell crystals at markets, fairs and via my first website. For the last ten years Graham and I operated three physical shops in Sydney.

You may have noticed that Castle Hill went 3 years ago, and Newtown closed last year. Crows Nest closed October 13.

Many people are surprised to hear that my departure from the physical shops was in plan by my Soul from the moment they opened. Obviously, I hoped for the shops would be sold to other people as successful going concerns, but Covid-19 and then current economic climate has made that difficult.

In the same way as when I started my crystal business at the markets, the shops were another step along my life purpose. These steps were planned by my Soul so I could learn and connect with thousands of crystals, with their amazing healing help, and the joy they bring into our lives. And also I needed to develop as a person through the interaction with customers, staff and sharing a business with my husband.

I was to experience everything about being a business owner rather than employee – the ups and the downs!

We did consider keeping the shop going with staff and have been trialling this for over a year living away from Sydney. However, it was stressful and we could not afford an experienced shop manager.

At this time, I again wish to thank our many, many customers who have purchased our crystals and chatted with us in the shop or over the phone about the crystals and what was happening in their lives. Your confidence in us touched our hearts.

We hope to continue with your custom via the website and my new activities.

And what is now in store for Graham and me.

Graham is retiring although he sill still help pack the website orders I suspect. With Rembrandt (our dog and active staff member for many years)  passing in August at the ripe old age of 17 years and 3 months we are going to enjoy travelling too. One option while travelling is to Crystal Parties at your home around Australia if you can get a group of crystal lovers together. Send us an SMS to 0490 685 033  if you are interested.

As I said the markets and shops were only ever stepping-stones to connect me (an agnostic at the time) to my Soul and to the beautiful Crystals through service to customers.

Like many of you, Graham and I have been definitely, but gently been “pushed” into a new direction of our lives since Covid.

We have already moved away from Sydney to a home with a street named “Crystal”! Co-incidence?

So many people over the years asked me to share more about the crystals. You loved what I said in the shop and said more people needed to hear it. Thank you so much for that feedback. I occasionally ran a Crystal workshop but that was all I could manage.

Now it changes. From my new home, I have the time and energy to move into a much deeper understanding and appreciation of crystals. And from this knowledge and my experiences, I can guide people like you.

How do they really work? How we are to work with them? Can we create genuine friendships with these amazing helpers? And these questions will, like always, be linked to some insights for personal development.

There will be things of geological interest As well as. I am fascinated about crystals from both points of view!

This move allows me at long last to meet a goal I have had for many years – to offer more value to my many web customers. And … to connect to a wider audience of crystal lovers. I just love teaching and guiding.

The creating process has already begun, and I have been receiving fascinating insights that I am documenting and recording. It has been fun and exciting maybe a little scary knowing I enter the world of YouTubing.

It’s certainly also been a big experience developing skills with video creation and using AI tools to support me.

For the geological you can already see many crystal videos on The Rock Crystal Shop YouTube channel. And there are some practice crystal experience short videos there too and on TikTok.

I am guided to create a separate YouTube channel called Shamarah Allunaria for the new crystal experiences and insights, including Workshops and Group Activities.

So, in summary, we look forward to reconnecting with you through the Closing Down Crows Nest Sale.

And if you want to stay in contact with the next iteration of Shamarah and the crystals. Link here for more about Crystal Experiences.

Remember, the website will continue for years to come – so you still have access to me, the crystals and a heap of new things to come.

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