Experiences with Hematite

hematoid quartz cluster from China

The intention of the experience pages is to give my real life interactions with the crystals to take the mystery out and to encourage you to play so you can uncover their healing help for you. Also there is some geological highlights I’ve uncovered to help identification.

Geological Insights

Hematite is one form of Iron oxide but I love it as it is far from being “dull”. There are several forms of hematite:

– bubbly (botryoidal) which is also called Kidney Ore
– shiny grey – may have some manganese in it to create that shine
– rainbow – rare to get the natural form of speculate, but man treated is available as a coating (possibly titanium) added to jewellery usually
– bladed – often found at the base of quartz crystals rather than on its own
– really sparkles as if it is fake but it isn’t – specular hematite (specularite) from the USA and Indian hematite

The shiny grey version is used extensively in jewellery as it is easy to shape (if you see me at the market I am wearing it all the time).

If you put a magnet against it (and stroke it) you can turn it into magnet too. However most magnets are from a metal called magnetite.

Some people use magnetised hematite to help with e.g. rheumatism but unless its been properly created to work with humans, its can also harm the body.

Hematite is a variety of Iron often appears in many crystals, causing them to have red or black spots, or turns them purple (a.g. Amethyst), red (e.g.Red Aventurine and Hematoid Quartz), or yellow (e.g.Citrine). But note that other minerals can also spot or colour crystals too.

And so it is used to colour e.g. paint.

Hematite has also been found on Mars … although this is a bit far to go collect some!

Learn more from Wikipedia.

We have a lovely range here in our website shop although much more available is not on website.

Day to Day Experiences

Hematite clearly opens up the lower chakra – especially the Base. How do I know?

The second time I went to Mind Body Spirit Show to get an aura photograph it clearly showed a powerful Base chakra, much larger than all others.

The photographer asked “if it was that time of the month?” to which I replied “no”. Both of us remained puzzled until I remembered I was wearing my heart-turtle hematite pendant.

Could this be proof that hematite opens the Base chakra (red splash)?

I took off the necklace and walked around the show for 20 minutes. I returned to get another photo. Sure enough everything looked more “normal” although all my chakras looked much cleaner, larger and balanced than in any other photo done before or since. In other words – hematite had open my Base, helped me ground my energy and thus all of my energy anatomy was more easily able to come into balance.

When I remembered two years later to ask my guides if there was any pendant I should be wearing while at the markets or at a crystal party to help steady me – a very resounding “hematite pendant” came through.

And I really do feel its help – being around that many crystals all working with those of you who come to visit (and buy) and also helping the local area – I can have trouble staying grounded. Some of you who are similarly sensitive have commented that the same affect happens to you when you visit but don’t have a grounding pendant.

Note also it also has been working with the Sacral (orange) and the Crown (purple) chakra.

And of course it is important to have my Base chakra open – I am in business at the markets/parties and I need to be stable, definitely “here” to talk with you and let the energy flow all the way into the earth so I can manifest customers, money and happy relationships with you.

But once I leave the market – there is a strong urge to remove it. Like any crystal, when enough energy/support has been exchanged you will want to put it to away for another day.

On another note, I find it really interesting the number of boys and men attracted to hematite (much more than girls and women). Want to speculate why? Well have a read of the properties of hematite and see if you can understand why.

And remember, books, the Internet or a person can suggest a type of crystal to you, but your intuition will know which actual piece (or not) is the one for you.

POST Specular Hematite Specimen - Specularite
Specular Hematite Specimen – Specularite
POST hematite eggs
Hematite eggs as a change from spheres
POST rutilated hematite cluster
Rutilated hematite cluster
POST Hematite on Quartz Cluster
Hematite Flowers on Quartz Cluster
POST haematite thumb stone
Haematite thumb stone
SAMPLE, POST hematite kidney ore specimen
Hematite kidney ore
POST rainbow hematite pendant on cord
“Rainbow” hematite pendant on cord
POST hematite towers
Sparkly Haematite towers in Sydney Australia
POST large hematite palm stone
Large hematite polished specimen from Brazil
POST Hematoid Quartz polished specimen
Hematoid Quartz polished flame – Madagascar
POST elestial quartz with hematite
Elestial quartz with hematite from Brazil
POST grey haematite bracelets
Hematite bracelets

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