Cleansing and clearing crystals and rocks of energy and dust

Cleansing and clearing crystals and rocks of energy and dust

This article is about cleansing and clearing crystals and rocks of dust and energy.

Crystals are affected by their environment. This is a brief overview of things to consider with crystals, rocks and minerals.

Its not a big list of to do but every one can do with a quick reference

Cleansing by water

Some crystals should not be in water for more than a few minutes for cleaning dust off them.

A quick guide is that water sensitive crystals are those whose names end in “ites”. Some of these are crystals are more susceptible if they are polished.

Do not forget that the matrix itself may be was delicate rather than the crystal on the matrix

  • Calcite especially clusters and polished
  • Fluorite if you can already see fault lines
  • Scolecite – any
  • Gypsum flower specimen
  • Selenite especially polished
  • Pyrite cubes on clay matrix from Spain

Cleansing in the sun

Given most crystals come from deep in the earth I would not leave any of them in the sun for longer than 10 minutes to cleanse them. Jaspers and obsidians how ever are sun safe from what I observed in the markets.

Some crystals may be ok for a day, a week or a month especially if its Winter sunshine. However cumulatively I have seen labradorite pieces and amethyst caves fade.

  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz – depending on the mine and if artificially gamma radiated – we don’t buy the later!
  • Rose Quartz – depending on the mine

Other thoughts

The moonlight, smudge, energy healing (e.g. Reiki codes) or placing on an amethyst cluster are all safe ways for cleansing energetically.

However crystals do still grow (even jaspers as they may have chalcefony/quartz … so a wash in water still needed for cleaning off dust.

Also your hands and body give off oils so also consider a regular cleanse to remove that build up. Most crystals are okay in soapy water, rinsed off and immediately dried. This is especially important if you wear moisturiser etc. Turquoise is a stone that people have reported changes in colour when wearing them.


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