How do I use a crystal wand?

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This is a brief article about how to use a crystal wand. It is so you can discover that crystal wands are one of those shapes that work for lots of different purposes. Most of the following is mainly around how to use a massage wands but natural wands can do it similarly.

Firstly the healing power of the crystal itself and that you can read about elsewhere.

However the shop itself has a multitude of purposes. When using them for any of the following hold then intention of a) what you want to happen and b) that you want the energy of the crystal to infuse as you do it.

If one or both ends have a points use them to activate grids, direct energy into or out of a specific area of the body or energy field. Use points also to cut cords of attachment to other people and entities. And the points are great for reflexology manipulation and there are books about how to do this. I personally have done this and found it really effective.

Rounded ends are great to massage out knots in muscles and to help fascia untangle.

They are a shape lovely to hold during meditation or while working at your desk.

And the shorted ones can be wire-wrapped or placed in a hemp necklace and worn as a regular pendant.

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